November 10, 2014

[NEW IN] My Sheinside Pre-Sale Collective Haul #5.1

And I'm back with my Pre-Sale Haul! Well, two of these items are not part of the Presale collection but I purschased them after winning a gift card from Sheinside's Facebook page contest.  I loooove joining contests online, even if I don't win I don't get to be a sour loser and I still keep on joining. I have won several online contests already, I guess that comes with being a frequent social media user. Not only that I get to blog, I also get to know/follow about other blogs as well. I also have the opportunity to be affiliates with online stores and join other blog's giveaway.

Anyway, I don't want to bore you guys with my stories so let's get down to my latest haul from Sheinside. 

Here's what I recently got from the Sheinside Presale Collection which is usually updated by Sheinside every Tuesdays and Thursdays. If you want to know how the presale works and how to purchase their latest releases in 50% off their original prices you can check my previous blog posts below:
- Sheinside Pre-Sale up to 50% off!
- Drool-Worthy Dresses from Sheinside.Com Pre-Sale

+ Green Long Sleeve V Neck Wrap Front Dress +

Sheinside released a yellow version of this dress a few weeks prior to the release of this Green Long Sleeve V Neck Wrap Front Dress. I didn’t get the yellow one though since I don’t think I can pull off something in that color but I was definitely loving the style and design of the dress; so when they released it in green, I immediately grabbed the opportunity to get it. For one, I like the shade of green that they released for this dress, it’s so festive and is perfect for the upcoming holiday season.

belt not included

What’s not to love about this dress? Its long sleeves cover up my chubby arms, and the length is just perfect to make me look taller than I usually am. The waist part is also garterized so even if I lose or gain inches around my waist, the dress would still fit me. It can also be used on casual days or for special occasions depending on how you’ll accessorize. And since it’s in wrap-around style, it flatters almost every figure. I saw in a TV show before that Project Runway’s Tim Gunn always includes a wrap-around dress to the wardrobe of the women that he makes over, because one can never go wrong with a wrap-around dress.

Here’s the dress and the yellow version of it:

 >> Neon Yellow Long Sleeve V Neck Wrap Front Dress (click here for more details)

I love apparel with pleats! I own like 5 pieces of clothing with pleats. I think a dress or a skirt with pleats looks super girly and is inkling to the vintage-style of clothing. That is why I decided to get this, even if it was kinda pricey than what I would usually buy on Sheinside Pre-Sale Collection. I know, items from the Presale collection is usually 50% off already, but I am sort of stingy; but this dress, I know I got to have it by hook or by crook.

I am drooling over the billowy design plus the cut-out design at the upper part of the of the sleeves. The color that this dress comes is very unique as well. And you got to check out the back detail of this dress, it’s so sexy but in a high-fashion way.

This dress comes in a top/blouse version too, but only in white, which looks equally a-ma-zing!
>>Beige Off The Shoulder Long Sleeve Ruched Blouse (click here for more details)

Love these pieces too? Go and check them out by clicking the images' links below: 
 >> Green Long Sleeve V Neck Wrap Front Dress (click here for more details)
>> Green Cold Shoulder Long Sleeve Pleated Dress (click here for more details)

I decided to make this entry in two parts so go and visit my blog tomorrow as I will be posting the part two of my latest Sheinside Haul:  [NEW IN] My Sheinside Pre-Sale Collective Haul #5.2

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