November 3, 2014

My Big 3-0 Birthday Wishlist!

My birthday is coming in a few days and the it is the big 3-0 coming... Yep! I am turning 30! I know many girls dread the time when they turn 30, but I am not one of them. I know it's so cliche to say that "age is just a number", but who cares if you're turning 30? I know I don't, besides, I stopped counting my age when I was 24! Here's true story, everytime I answer a form or something like that, as long as it's not a legal form I always put on the age part: 24 years old! Hahahahahaha! Well, age is one thing and your attitude and outlook in life is what makes you feel and look young. I agree with Taylor Swift's song that goes: "I dont know about you... but I'm feelin' 22... everything's gonna be alright..."  Yeah!? That's the attitude!

Anyhoo, I've came up with my 30th Birthday Wishlist, I dont want a big or surprise party, I'll probably have just a simple lunch or dinner with my family, but this post is just a hint to anyone who feels like giving me a birthday present on my bye-bye-calendar-age. Lol!

I've been wanting a Japanese bicycle but havent got the time and money to look for one. I want this bike because it looks so vintage plus I want to bike around the neighborhood and lose a couple of pounds [only running (on a threadmill) and cycling (on a stationary bike) makes me lose some pounds, dieting doesn't work for me]. My former officemate has one and she told me she bought it in Raon, Quiapo. I want it in turquoise or teal which is my favorite color and with a white basket in front, yes that specific and I hope it looks exactly like the picture below.

 Japanese Bicycle 

I also want an action camera, but since I am quite stingy, I am not someone who would pay a hefty price and go get myself a GoPro Hero that costs PHP 20K++. So I will be happy if I can get something like it. I am not going sky dive or scuba diving anyway so the need for a high end action camera isn't necessary for me. I saw this one in and it only costs PHP 1K++... Not bad eh? It has good reviews so I think it is competitive enough. This would be super perfect for my upcoming trip to Coron (which would be a very nice place to celebrate my birthday... in paradise! Woot!)

I am not also particular when it comes to brands, as long as I like it I will buy it when it's within budget. I never dreamed of buying LV's, Michael Kors, Prada or Gucci or heck even Nine West! I don't have the money anyway hahahahaha! Never bought a bag that's more than Php 2000 and a free bag from a purchase from Victoria's Secret gives utmost happiness already. I am not a bag kind of person, but since most of my bags have worn out already, I would love to have another bag from where I usually buy my bags: Mango! Or the Celine inspired bags that I keep seeing online (have been dreaming about it in my arms for months!)

Celine-inspired Trapeze Bag

Celine-inspired Phantom Bag

I am also not a watch person but I promise to wear it everyday if somebody will give me this Casio retro looking watch in rose gold. It's just so sleek right? And super loove the vintage feel to it! I think the rosegold would be perfect for any outfit, whether it's casual, business or formal.

And last but not the least, this CESAph swimsuit!!! I've been dying to get it but have been preventing myself to impulse buy... It's just so expensive for me personally for a piece of swimsuit. I have been waiting for it to go on sale but I dont think it will be on sale anytime soon. This would be perfect for my Siargao trip next Summer!

Don't think I am the materialistic type, comm'on... everyone would love to receive presents on her birthday! BUT even without all these stuff and not all my life plans before I'm 30 have come to life, know  that I am and I will be happy and grateful to the Lord for letting me live this long and blessing me everyday of my life! No material thing can ever replace that joy! A healthy and safe family, more years to live and probably a baby before this year ends will do... Those are my simple wishes on my birthday... 

Bye for now and thanks for dropping by!

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  1. i also want to have a casio digital watch.. that is my wish for christmas heheh

    1. it was love at first sight hanna... *sigh*


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