November 24, 2014

Your Hairstylist Accidentally Cut Your Long Locks Short?? No Problem!

I've got a new hairstyle but it was all accidental. I thought of having my hair dyed into a much darker shade of brown so that I won't be bothered with the black color of my roots as my hair grows longer. So I asked the hairstylist to give me a medium dark brown and trim the hair. The color did turn out fine, just the way i wanted it. BUT the trim was not a trim but a cut, I mean a big chunk or portion of my hair was cut by the hairstylist.

The last time I had my hair this short was when I was in grade 5, for 25 years my hair is long. So I was kind of appalled when I saw the finish product. Nonetheless, I was convinced it looks great; I needed the change of look. It wasn't so drastic though, I didn't end up with pixie-cut hair but then again I miss my long hair.

But I don’t have to fret (nobody should) because there are a lot of options that we can try if we want to have our long hairs back. We can always use clip in hair extensions   for the mean time as we wait for our hair to grow back. I know many of us have the dilemma that most  clip-in hair extensions doesn't look natural, well, this where clip in human hair extensions comes in; they are actually made 100% real human hair so no one will even notice you’re wearing hair extensions.

I like that CC HAIR EXTENSIONS have a wide range of clip in hair extensions and clip in human hair extensions in different colors that will suit my needs. I browsed their website and found ones that matches my current hair color. They are very affordable too and fit my budget.


Here’s a review of clip in human hair extensions from  CC HAIR EXTENSIONS that you guys might want to check out.


For more of these clip in hair extensions and clip in human hair extensions you check CC HAIR EXTENSIONS website:

Problem solved? Yes!

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