November 5, 2014

Leather Bomber Jacket from Review

A few months back, I did a write up for one of the leading online Asian Fashion clothing store, Coco Fashion, which you can read here: COCO FASHION: ASIAN FASHION AT ITS BEST.  Coco Fashion is a Hong Kong-based web store who caters to both men and women and offers a wide range of apparel, accessories, bags and shoes. They aim to give their clients fashion at its best. Coco Fashion presents an exceptional lineup of Korean, Thai, Chinese, and Japanese clothing that can match any fashion style. From casual to formal wear, their online clothing store has everything to complete your look. They  have dresses, blouses, blazers, tunics, pants, and leggings for women. Their collection also includes a wide range of jackets, shirts, and trousers for men. They are one the best place to find that stunning outfit for an upcoming party or comfortable wear when you go out with friends for the weekend.

They were nice enough to give a gift card as a remuneration for my previous write up about their business, which I can use to purchase any item for review. Most of their items are cheap and at the time I ordered, shipping was still free. I chose to get the Brown Leather Full Zip Trendy Stand-Up Collar Asian Jacket. It was above the amount of the gift card that I received so I did pay the remaining balance, but  I must say that the prices of the items from Coco Fashion are very affordable.

I decided to get this because my one and only leather jacket has already retired and damaged. The weather is also getting colder every minute and my cardigans cannot help me combat the cold ( I easily get cold, btw) and most of all, I love the style of bomber jackets. Bomber jackets are so stylish and definitely amp up any outfit. If you’re just wearing jeans and a simple top, just throw in a bomber jacket and you’ll instantly sleek up your OOTD.

So here is the actual item that I received:

It had a lot of folds and creases when I removed the jacket from its packaging, which I didn’t mind because as time goes by and the more I use it, I know the folds and creases will eventually be reduced or completely gone. Expect this type of problem when you have your items shipped via postal mail; because most often than not, the people at the post office couldn’t care less of your package. But if you have extra money to spend, I'd say go for a rather more decent type of shipping.

I love the color of this bomber jacket, it’s not so light yet not so dark shade of brown, just perfect. I have so many outfit ideas that I have in mind where I can incorporate this piece of clothing.

I also love the details on the collar, edge of the sleeves and at the hem.

Even though the leather used for this jacket is synthetic, it pretty much looks it is with nice quality and with good care will most likely last me for 3-5 years perhaps.

The only con I have experienced with ordering from Coco Fashion is the shipping. I placed the order last September 9 and was not dispatch from China until September 28 and arrived to the Philippines on Oct 13. Well that’s the downside, most of the time, of availing free shipping. But since I am not going to use  ASAP, most of the items I am purchasing online, I am the type who’s patient enough to wait. Unless it has taken an online store to send me my package for a month or two, then that is another story.

All in all, I am pretty much in love with my new Leather Bomber Jacket from Coco-Fashion it would be a perfect companion for the upcoming  cold season.

You can check out or get the jacket here:

Thanks for dropping by and until next time!

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  1. wow it is so super pretty.. and you look gorgoues on that jacket,

  2. aww Jen i love that bomber jacket! And it looks good on you, more ootd please <3

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