November 19, 2014

Cheap Lace Wedding Dresses From

When most of us are so busy with the upcoming holiday season, I know someone out there in the world is thinking about something else… a bride preparing for her wedding next year. When all around her is thinking what presents to get and what outfits to wear for the holiday parties, this bride is busy browsing the web (or Pinterest perhaps?) for ideas that she wants for her wedding and looking for that perfect wedding gown that she will wear as she walks down the aisle for her wedding next year.

And then the moment came when I had to choose what design I should get for my wedding dress. Since we had a 1920’s inspired wedding, I had so many options since our theme veers towards a vintage style. I considered a dress with lace appliqués or a dress with a lace bodice because lace is always associated as something vintage and timeless. But our budget and time was so limited that I ended up dropping the idea of having lace accents on my wedding dress. But if we had enough time and ample budget, I would have gone for it. I don’t think that there’s a girl in the world who doesn't love to own a dress made of lace, what more a wedding dress made of lace.

I don't know for you guys, but I always associate lace with elegance, femininity, something very intricately done and old-world. I am pretty much sure some of those words have crossed your minds too. Aside from those that I have mentioned, Lace is such a timeless item; it's probably one of those textile pieces that have been used in a thousand and one ways since time immemorial.

There was a time when, if you wear anything with lace will easily make you an object of teasing because some people thought wearing lace is outdated. But thanks to style icons and famous designers who brought back the elegance of lace and the idea of it as one of the most beautiful things man ever invented.

Apparels made of Lace can be a little bit costly especially if it is made of silk or linen. But we girls should be grateful that our generation has produced a technology (machine-made) that would enable us to wear lace-adorned or full lace clothing items even if we are not royals or elites in society, because back in the day only the privileged can wear apparels made of lace. What more if they were wedding gowns? Good thing that nowadays we have more options and if we’re on limited budget we can always buy ready-made instead going to the couturier.

Noticed the photos on this post? Well, they are all from DressV has got a lot of cheap lace wedding dresses that brides can choose from without going over-board with their wedding budget.  For more of these beautiful lace wedding gowns go ahead and click this link:

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