November 1, 2014

Sleep Like Royalty with Casasilk

I love to sleep but my current work and other things that I get busy about doesn't permit me to sleep as much as I want to. Although as much as possible I made sure that our sleeping room would be the most  relaxing place to stay in our apartment. That's why even if we dont have them poshiest place to live we made sure that we get a comfortable sleep especially when our world is turned around because we work at night and sleep during the day.

Nothing is permanent in this world and we thought we can live with our old bed and beddings for a long time until we started feeling uncomfortable and not having a good sleep at all. That's why when we had the chance, we bought a good spring mattress and we constructed our bed from scratch.

And of course we bought quality linens too, those with thread counts that I have no idea what these thread counts on linens even do for us. But I understood right there and then when I laid down on our new bed, mattress and linens that having a good sleeping furniture really does give you quality sleep. Even if we don't get enough hours of sleep, it is way way better than what we used to have with our old bed and linens.

I would love to purchase silk linens or beddings someday. And yeah I would love to receive a set of silk linens for Christmas! Having silk beddings need not be so expensive, there are quality ones that doesn't have a hefty price tag that go with them. is a nice place to shop for quality yet affordable silk beddings. Check their silk beddings and designs:

Casasilk's beddings are made from 100% pure and natural silk. 100% silk ensures 100% comfort and bed fit. These are pure luxury and for those with finest tastes.

Check Casasilk's entore collection of silk beddings here:

Avoid the Christmas rush and traffic going to the malls and shop at the convenience of your homes and have your Christmas presents  for yourselves and for loved ones delivered right onto your doorsteps! 

See yah and have a great weekend everyone!

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  1. this is nice. me too i also love having a silk mattress and pillowcases. it is so comfortable to sleep on.


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