April 12, 2015

Buy For Me Service by YOYBuy.com

If you have been visiting my blog regularly, you may notice that I love to shop online and I always feature a couple of online stores which are mostly based in China and Hong-Kong. Whether we like to admit it or not, almost everything that we use today is made in China. I saw this quote/meme one time on my Facebook newsfeed and it says: “If you’re not made by God then you’re made in China”, which seriously cracked me up. But that’s the truth and people love to buy stuff that are China made, for one, they are cheaper and a few times there are items that are ok when it comes to quality. You just need to find a trusted and reliable seller. Based on my experience from buying stuff online, most of the time it’s a hit or a miss, but as far as my experience is concerned, so far so good.

Now, have you heard of Tabao.com? I am quite familiar with that site because I have visited it quite a few times already and had the chance to purchase from it. Tabao.com is where most of the merchants from China place they products for potential buyers, both for those seeking wholesale and retail. Unlike with Aliexpress and Alibaba, if you want to purchase wholesale you have to go to Alibaba and for retail Aliexpress would be the shopping site. The downside is Tabao.com is in Chinese, and not everyone can read Chinese. But I can tell you that the prices of the products in Tabao.com are way cheaper because they come from the main source/producers of the products.

I was able to purchase something from Tabao.com a few years back, which you can read about it here, but that site I believe is now inactive. But guess what, I recently come across this site, YOYBUY.com, which is a site that buys for you from Tabao.com and other China-based sellers directly. Think of them as if you’re in China and knows Chinese and buying items for yourself.

YOYBUY prides itself in being the most trusted and highest rated professional online shopping agent for the biggest online market in the People's Republic of China. Their goal is to help buyers understand in their own native language exactly what products and prices the online stores are offering, while advising their clients which deals are hot or not. With top caliber product delivery that is fast, cheap, and reliable, YOYBUY ships products to multinational corporations and individuals across the world. From multilingual live chat to entertainment blogs, Youtube videos to Twitter tweets, Tumblr blogs to Pinterest pins, YOYBUY strives to keep their customers beyond satisfied and happy. They provide their customers only the best quality service and nothing less, saving both your time and money.

It’s just like shopping in any other online store, but the good thing about this site is that you can buy from different merchants in China and store your purchased items in their warehouse and if you think it’s time to ship them all, that’s the only time they will ship your purchases to you. That means you can save money by availing only one delivery fee instead of multiple shipping for each and every purchase that you made. Or if you’re a businesswoman, you can have your items ship to different places as well. 

YOYBUY.com modes of payments include the following:
- Major credit cards
- Webmoney(Online)
- Webmoney Offline
- WesternUnion
- QIWI          
- WireTransfer

Shipping options are:
- E-express
- Russian Post
- Aramex
- China Post: Air parcel, SAL parcel

Here are some of the products being sold in Tabao.com that you can view in Yoybuy.com and there are thousands more:

So, in a nutshell, YOYBUY.com has all the features that you want:
- It is your Secure and Professional Taobao Agent

- YOYBUY is the best Taobao agent and package forwarder in China with 6 years experience in helping shoppers buy from China & ship worldwide.

- Buy from China and Save Money

- Buy cheap made-in-China products directly from top online stores like Taobao, Tmall, 1688 and Jingdong and save money.

- Fast Delivery and Lowest Shipping Rate

- Ship worldwide via EMS, DHL, Russian Post, Aramex, E-express and China Post with discount up to 50% on shipping rate.

- Safe and Convenient Payment Options

- Multiple payment options are available to ensure convenience and security, such as WebMoney, Visa Card, QIWI, Western Union.

- Excellent Customer Service

- Customer service is available 7 days a week and in varied languages to address all your concerns promptly and professionally.

- Get English version Taobao site at YOYBUY and view the products description in English.

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