April 26, 2015

TRIANGL LILY Swimsuit / Bikini Dupes

Triangl Swimsuits fastly rose to popularity because of their innovative use of the neoprene fabric as swimsuits. The fashion world has not seen anything like it and their designs and color combinations are so pretty that it created such a rave among women who loves to collect swimsuits and going to the beach. A few months back I purchased dupes of one of Triangl’s first few designs, called the “Milly” and wore the bikini top during my trip to Coron Palawan for my birthday. I really love the colors that were released for that design and my Triangl bikini dupes are my most treasured pairs of swimsuits.

Many have visited my blog post about the Triangl Milly Swimsuit Dupes, leaving comments and questions. Which I appreciate, really. Making the review for those swimsuits, the goal was to help girls who are looking for  reliable sellers who offer quality Triangl swimsuits and are for girls like me who can’t afford the real Triangl swimsuits (around $90 per pair, super expensive for an average girl like me).

Triangl released new color combinations for their Lily line (bandeau type)  and I was super obsessed about them so I looked for dupe versions of it in Aliexpress. To my surprise some sellers are already offering them (but only a few sellers). So I looked for the cheapest ones and for sellers with high positive feedbacks. I found around 5 sellers and messaged them; but only one of them replied to me promptly every time and gave in to a couple of my requests, so I bought 2 sets from that seller. I made sure the material is used for the swimsuits are really neoprene and the seller sent me real photos to prove it.

I bought the Lily in Blueberry Burst and Aqua Punch. The former is for me and the latter is my birthday gift to my friend who’s in the US. The seller allowed mixed sizes for the top and bottom which is really nice because each human body is unique and sometimes same sizes for a swimsuit pair doesn’t work.

LILY - Blueberry Burst
The color combination for the Blueberry Burst is purple, neon orange and turquoise. These colors will first seem like they won’t look great together but in this case, it does! I ordered Large for the swimsuit top (I’m a 36C) and Medium for the swimsuit bottom (my full hip measurement is around 39-40 inches) and both fit perfectly! I don’t usually wear bandeaus for the fear that they may accidentally slip but to my surprise, they didn’t. Just don’t do movements that will cost them to slip. If you want, you can also sew straps on them to give you more security that they won’t slip.

LILY - Aqua Punch
This was my first choice but my friend wanted this color combination: royal blue, neon orange and turquoise. The color combination for the Aqua Punch is equally beautiful! I ordered a Medium for the top and a Small for the bottom, but my friend told me that the bottom part was a little bit small for her. Too bad we can’t exchange I for a larger size anymore because she was already on her way to Manila.


Like I said in my previous post about the Triangl Milly dupes, it seems that there is not much difference to the original ones (although I haven’t seen or felt the real Triangl swimsuits).  I came across this You Tube video of a vlogger comparing her original TRIANGL swimsuit  versus the dupe she bought online at aliexpress.com; the dupe has very little difference with that of the original one. The only difference would be the original ones came in a special Triangl box and that the closure had a Triangl logo on it.

This time around, our Lily Triangl dupes had less creases because the seller was kind enough to ship them in a box, unlike before that they were shipped only in a plastic bag. I got the box (just an ordinary brown box) for free because the seller at that time was a newbie business in Aliexpress, but now she’s selling the box separately at $2 I think. But what’s an additional $2 right? If you’ll receive your items in pristine condition.

For the sizing, get help from the seller, tell her your sizes and ask what will fit you best. If you’re still not sure then get a larger size from their sizing table, because most of the time China-made clothing items are smaller and doesn’t follow international sizing.

I am, again, super in love with my newest TRIANGL swimsuit dupe (my friend loved it too!) I felt like hitting the jackpot again for having them without paying such a hefty price for swimmies. I couldn’t care less if they aren’t the original ones, who will care anyway? Besides I am not brand fanatic, as long as I like the design or how it looks and if can’t sleep at night because of some stuff I want to purchase, I know I gotta find a way to have them. Well, it would still be nice if I can have an original one, may be some miracle will happen and Triangl will send me a pair LOL!

You can purchase these TRIANGL LILY SWIMSUIT DUPES here: Rose Fashion Boutique


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  1. Hi! Awesome review!! how long did it take for you to get the item? is the sizing accurate??

    1. It took 2 weeks for the package to be delivered... sizing is pretty much accurate... thanks for your comment!


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