April 15, 2015

When You Lose Your Crowning Glory...

Last November 2014, I wanted to have a new hairstyle and I asked the hair stylist to dye my hair and cut it in a different style. But I ended up with super dark hair and a hair length that didn’t flatter my face shape. It was so frustrating because it made my face look chubbier than it really is. The last time I had my hair that short was in grade school and since then I have worn my hair very long. So after a few months I noticed my hair grows slower than usual, it may have been because from waist length hair it was cut to shoulder length and that might be the reason why it grows super slow. Might be a superstition but that actually what happened to me.


My hair was about bra-level-length already when I decided to get a trim I specifically told the stylist to only cut half of an inch. And then again, to my surprise and dismay, the stylist took it upon himself to cut more than what I told him to. After seeing what he has done, I again felt bad and gave him no tip! I know I’m kinda rude on that part, but I gave him specific instructions but then he didn’t follow.

Now I miss my long hair and how I wish I could grow it overnight to the length that I want it to be. Now if I need to attend a gathering or event and I want to have long locks, I would probably buy clip-in hair extensions. Since my hair is color-treated I should probably get those that are made of human hair so I can style or dye them to the color similar to my current one.

i miss my long hair :-(

I know many of us have the dilemma that most  hair extensions doesn't look natural, well, there are something called remy human hair extensions, they are actually made 100% real human hair so no one will even notice you’re wearing hair extensions. I like that uuhairextensions.com have a wide range of remy human hair extensions in different lengths and colors that will suit my needs. I browsed their website and found ones that matches my current hair color. They are very affordable too and would fit my budget.


www.uuhairextensions.com is an online human hair extensions shop who sells various hair extensions with high quality but low price across the world. Their hair extensions are made of 100% Human Hair without synthetic. They are devoted in offering customers 100% Indian remy human hair extensions with high quality, thick and and long ones at reasonable prices.  Their products are easy to use, to maintain and with the most natural looking. They also use 100% virgin Brazilian & Indian remy human hair, which is with highest quality in the current market. They have over 20 years experience in the hair extensions industry.
If I want my hair to be long and fall a little bit beyond my shoulders I can use uuhairextensions.com’s 18 inch clip in hair extensions
Or if I want them to fall at about bra length I should get the 20 inch clip in hair extensions
And now if I want it super long (at about waist length) even if I curl them the best pick for me would be the 22 inch clip in hair extensions 
I haven really tried using hair extensions because I have always worn long hair and my hair is kinda thick. But now that I have a short hairstyle (which I actually not really fond of) I have now a good reason to finally use clip in hair extensions. Have any of you tried hair extensions? How was it? Share your experience with me!
For more types of hair extensions you can check out: www.uuhairextensions.com          

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