April 23, 2015

Darling in Damask Dress from Lalalilo.com

I would have never thought I will reach this far when it comes to blogging. This is my past-time and my way of somehow living my dream of becoming a “feature writer”. I may not be well-known or may not have many followers and engagements in my blog, but the feeling of being blessed with my little success puts a smile on my face. Especially when I receive messages from people asking about the clothes, products and travel destinations that I have blogged about. More so when companies or business contact me asking if I am willing to do a cooperation or collaboration with them. The blogging world may seem non-sense and a waste of time for some people, but for those who love to do what they do, it is something. I guess if you’re not stepping on somebody's toes with what you do then it's ok.


I recently received a dress for review from LalaLilo.com. This is a shift printed dress that I’ve been eyeing from other online shops. But before I go into a detailed review of the dress let me first introduce Lalalilo.com

Lalalilo is a leading global online wholesale Supplier of Casual Dress, Special Occasion Dress, Women's Clothing, Intimate Lingerie, Fashionable Accessories and many more great items. Lalalilo always aims to offer its global customers stylish and high-quality products in a lowest price and mostly professional service. The more you buy, the more you will save. Lalalilo has a huge range of exquisite merchandises and new arrivals that are being offered every day. You can enjoy different styles and various categories. There must be something you will fall in love.


They also offer world class shipping options through their long term partnerships with DHL and EMS and other leading global carriers. Lalallilo.com will automatically ship through the best method based on the order merchandise and destination. Before they ship the product, Lalallilo.com will do strict quality-control and secure the package. They are always trying to provide our customers the best shopping experience.

The dress is a 3/4 sleeve shift dress. A shift dress usually has a straight silhouette that was popular during the 1960’s-70’s. Audrey Hepburn and Twiggy are celebrities of those times that you would often se wearing this type of dress. Shift dresses are usually fuss-free and flattering.

The print is a combination of paisley and damask in black and white. It is a stunning vintage-inspired design that elegantly finishes on the knee. The paisley print and the bold Baroque-inspired print is such a sweet combination that even my mother said the prints are lovely and if she could only fit into it she would ask me to give her the dress.


When I took it off the packaging, I thought it wouldn't fit me because it looked too small but after trying it on it still sat with some room for my body to move freely and has a slightly A-line shape to it. The length of the sleeve falls just right to where I want it to be.

It is made of a lightweight cloth and very drape-y. It is a surprise that it wasn't sheer at all so there’s no need to wear a camisole underneath it. It was very comfortable to wear especially on a Summer day.


I love that this dress is incredibly easy to style. I can wear it on casual days with a pair of ballet flats or wedge sandals or as a work wear paired closed black heels and cinched on the waist with a slim belt or as a lounge/resort wear when on vacation or at the beach. But one thing is for sure it is definitely going to catch everyone’s eye!

You can see more details of this dress here: Vintage Floral Printed Totem Slim Dress 

Check out www.lalalilo.com to check for more products that offer.

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  1. Aww love the dress so much and those prints are such an eye candy <3


  2. Very pretty! So perfect for both day and night xx

  3. Thanks for sharing Jen. Just checked out their site and love many of their items.... always on the lookout for new online stores to shop at! Great dress for summer too!

    Simone xoxo

  4. Very nice post ^^

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    Sleepy Deer


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