April 22, 2015

Lingerie Luxxe - Tbdress Reviews

I am a huge fan of Victoria’s Secret, I always anticipate their yearly VS Fashion Show where they showcase the current and upcoming season’s lingerie collection. Most of the models that walk during the show are my favorites and they’re my fitspirations (although I must admit that I am only up to the part of being inspired and have little action to have the body like theirs LOL!) I really love the Victoria’s Secret models/angels, because whenever they walk the runway in super sexy underwear or lingerie, they don’t look demeaning at all. All you can appreciate is how they have turned the lingerie into something that’s worth watching.

The closest thing to luxury underwear that I have tried is Victoria's Secret yet it is still not their signature collections that I have tried. But of course, if I had enough budget I would buy something more luxurious than what I have now. It’s not being materialistic, you know, sometimes we just have to reward ourselves once in awhile; besides we all have been working hard to earn a living. I’ve also been browsing around their lingerie section since I want to have at least one set of those. But they are way over my budget, really. For something you will wear and only you and your significant other would see, I don’t think I would spend hundreds of bucks for them.

Good thing there are other online sites that sells womans sexy lingerie for cheap yet with great quality. One of which is TBDress.com -- this online store has a range of photo clothing wholesale sexy lingerie that they offer customers. But TBDress is not only about lingerie, they also offer women’s dresses, occasion dresses, shoes and accessories.
I’ve browsed their lingerie section and found these pretty and sexy pieces:


People think that girls dress up for other people. When the fact of the matter is, we girls dress up for ourselves, not to impress men or other women but to make ourselves feel better and confident. So buying a luxurious piece of lingerie doesn’t always mean we’re going to show it off to our husbands or boyfriends. Sometimes wearing such makes you feel sexy and then confidence is effortlessly emanates from within. Well, I do feel like that… especially when I am wearing a pretty piece of lingerie underneath my usual clothes, I feel like one of the Victoria’s Secret angels strutting down the runway even if I’m fully clothed. Do you do and feel like that too?

For more of these cheap and sexy lingerie you can go to this link: http://www.tbdress.com/Cheap-Sexy-Lingerie-100282/

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  1. Wow, stunning pieces, very sexy. ^^
    Lovely greets Nessa

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