April 21, 2015


If you have been to my blog a few times already, you might well know that I am a huge fan of Sheinside.com and I mostly get my dresses from this online store. I just love the styles that they release especially those that are from their Pre-Sale/Pre-Order Collection (wherein you can buy new arrival clothing items of up to 50% for a certain length of time and then they will go back to their regular prices after the pre-sale period). Sheinside also offer new promotions every week that helps you score discounts and super sales; so whenever I see an item on my wish list that is already on sale, there’s a great possibility that I will add it to my shopping cart.

But…. this would probably be the last post about my Sheinside hauls that I’m going to do. Well, all good things come to an end eventually… Ever since our local customs got super super strict when it comes to claiming packages sent from outside of the Philippines and that I have to always muscle them out to make them understand that some of these packages were purchased using store bonus points or after joining & winning one or two of Sheinside’s regular giveaways (meaning I got some of them for free).

Anyhoo, this collective haul is a mixture of items I bought from Pre-Sale, using a cash coupon code that I won from one of Sheinside’s contests and using my bonus points that I have accumulated for several months. I also received additional bonus points from one of the activities of the Sheinside Publisher Program (if you’re interested to be a publisher/affiliate member of Sheinside.com you can register here)

So here’s the newest items I got from Sheinside.com:

+ Light Green Long Sleeve Pleated Back Blouse

I also have this blouse in a nude color (see it here) and I just love it’s pleated back details that when they released it in mint which happens to be one of my favorite colors, I knew I got to have it.  I haven’t seen any blouse with this type of design until that day. There’s something to pleats/pleated apparel that really looks vintage-y and ultra feminine. 

I always get a bigger size than my normal size especially when I’m buying from online Asian clothing stores because most often than not they run pretty small , it’s always a hit or a miss. But like the nude one this mint pleated back blouse was too wide for me that I needed to do some alterations on it to make the blouse fit me better. Good thing my trusty-old portable sewing machine is always there to rescue.

The chiffon cloth used for this blouse is super sheer almost like a gauze, but the front part has two layers which I thought gave me pretty much the coverage  that I need and that I don’t have to wear a cami underneath it anymore. Good thing it’s already summer and I have an excuse to wear it more often and just fold the sleeves up until my elbows. Overall I like this blouse, I can pair it with jeans and trousers if I want to use to at work or pair it with denim shorts for casual days or when I am out and about on weekends.

+ Purple Long Sleeve Embroidered Gauze Bodycon Dress

How can you not love this dress? It is nothing but such beauty! This has been in my wishlist for months and have been dreaming of the day I’ll be able to purchase it. Good thing I was able to get it at half of its regular prize using my Sheinside bonus point because this dress is quite expensive for my budget. But even if it’s pricey, I tell you it is worth it!

The quality and the design makes up for the price it’s being sold with. I’ve already scoured the entire internet to look for a cheaper one but all who sells this dress have the same price and would only differ by cents. But since I trust Sheinside already, I bought mine from them.

I was afraid to buy this dress at first fearing it wouldn’t fit me well. But then I told myself that if wouldn't fit, I will just have to give it away or sell it OR I will starve myself to death until I am able to fit in that dress LOL! But to my surprise, it fit me like a glove! And it emphasized what should be emphasized hahahahaha! The length was also perfect and not too short. The dress is made of so-so materials but the way it was designed and put together makes it look like a luxury and designer dress. This is a must buy!

+ Green Gradients Lapel Long Sleeve Chiffon Blouse

I’ve been eyeing this blouse for awhile but wasn’t on the top of my to-buy list until I saw one fashion blogger wore it. That’s the only time I told myself I’m going to get me that blouse. The blouse is actually green and not so much of the turquoise shade, if it would have been the latter I would look better. But then again, I still like it. I don’t have any ombre piece of clothing until now.

The chiffon cloth used for this top is very very sheer so I had to wear a cami top underneath it every time I’m wearing it. But the quality is very good and it doesn’t look cheap at all. I haven’t seen anything similar in any clothing store or bazaars around the metro so I know what I have is something unique. I also don’t have that much green-colored items in my wardrobe and this is a great addition. It’s true to size too!

Black Long Sleeve Contrast Lace Backless Blouse

Just another black blouse, not! I got this blouse from the Pre-Order/Pre-Sale collection. What caught my attention for this blouse was the open back/cowl-neck effect detail at the back of the blouse. The front side looks pretty demure and formal, but wait until you turn around now it gives a hint of sexy! Haven’t seen anything like it around too. I told you, Sheinside got pretty much great and unique designs that you won’t encounter that situation wherein you’ll bump into someone wearing the exact same thing.

The blouse is looks really stylish and sophisticated especially with its detailing:  the lace, gold buttons, puff sleeves. It’s lightweight and comfy and fits very well and true to size. Another must have!

+ Black Corrected Grain Leather High Heeled Shoes

These shoes are to die for! The moment I saw them I had a yearning for them, more of an obsession. Lace-up/gladiator shoes are back in trend as seen on the runway and major brands like Zara, Forever 21, etc. I really wanted to have at least a pair of these lace up shoes that I even blogged about lace up shoes a while back which you can check out here: CURRENT OBSESSION: LACE UP HEELS

These are actually dupes of the Giuseppe Zanotti shoes, the GZ ones cost a fortune (around US$ 1000) and I know for a fact that I can’t afford and will not buy the original ones either even if I have the money to spend (yep, I am that stingy). Thank goodness for dupes! Even though these are dupes, they are of good quality and the materials used don’t look sub-standard at all. These babies have heels that are 4-inches high and they doesn’t have front platforms, they are still super comfortable to wear even for hours.

Gladiator heels usually adds a masculine touch to a girls outfit, but these babies have scalloped cut outs and the sides greatly reminds me like the edge of doilies so it yields a feminine touch somehow. They are literally incredibly sexy And yet still elude a sense of romance because of the scallop design and the faux suede material.  It’s so versatile that it can be worn both with dresses, jeans and trousers. This literally is a good steal!

Interested in these items? Just click the descriptions of the products to check more details and if they are still available. So if you love any of these grab them fast before they sold out.

And you can also check out my other SheIn Collective Hauls by clicking the links below:

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