September 17, 2016

Budget Beach Style

You’ve been planning that beach vacation for ages and you’re so excited! In your mind’s eye, you’re relaxing by the pool (check this one with a cocktail in hand and looking just like the glitterati swanning elegantly with an effortless chic. Or you’re sitting on a beach towel watching the waves crash into the white sand while the kids play beside you making sand castles. In all of these wonderful scenarios, you want to look your best, and this is absolutely possible without breaking the bank.  So how do you get that styled beach fashion look on a budget? 

Start with Great Swimwear
One of the cardinal rules of beach style is to splurge on the best swimwear you can afford. Getting the right cut and fit with good boning means that you’ll feel confident on the beach or by the pool, and you’ll get many year’s wear out of your swimwear.  Cheap, flimsy swimwear will pull at you and highlight the areas you want to hide, so definitely shop around for the best quality swimwear you can afford.
My favourite swimwear is always a black one piece with ruching around the waist and a little hint of embellishment at the dĂ©colletage.  This means I am pulled in at the hips and waist (where I need help) and my best part (around my neck, bust and face) is where there is a little sparkle and shine! I’m confident and happy when I’m in swimwear that flatters, and really, that’s what you need when you’re on vacation.  If you’re tugging at an ill-fitting bikini, you’ll never feel your best.

Cover Up in Style
My favourite beach fashion trend right now is a kaftan.  I have one in every shape, colour, size and length! Cotton, embroidered, embellished and silk… a Kaftan is a beautiful way to cover up at the beach and feel gorgeous.
A kaftan is essentially a beach tunic that is made in a rectangle shape with batwings and usually has a lower v-neck cut with an embellishment around the hem and neckline.  You can find them everywhere right now – in many shapes and colours – but my favourites are midi length cotton kaftans for the beach and day wear that I throw on over swimwear for beach walks and fun with the kids, and for nighttime, I have several silk maxi kaftans that I wear with metallic sandals, stacked bangles and lots of gold necklaces to get that chic look. 
Kaftans don’t need to be expensive – just one for day and one for night can be worn over and over again with different accessories, and you’ll find you’ll wear them for years both at the beach and on weekends in summer running around with the kids.  I wear mine with my favourite blue jeans and leggings as the weather gets cooler, so I get even more bang for my buck!
The Ultimate Beach Dresses
When I discovered beach dresses for every day wear, my wardrobe really opened up! Every Summer, I invest in one or two gorgeous beach dresses and then I tend to wear them both at the beach, on weekends with friends for lunch, and even with a blazer for work when I don’t have important meetings. A classic white cotton beach dress is a must have for every woman, and then depending on your style, choose a colourful maxi dress in a floral print or a midi beach dress with a swing hem to give you lots of relaxed and cool summer style both at the beach and for your weekend wear.  
Then add accessories and fashion staples like sandals, necklaces, blazers, scarves and cardigans to add your own pop of colour and style.  All of which you can buy cheaply and easily online.
Put it all together
Now you have some staples, it’s time to put it all together.  A few beach essentials like your kaftans, swimwear, beach dresses and tunics with some costume jewelry and leather sandals means you’ll look amazing every day of your beach holiday no matter if you’re relaxing by the pool or at the beach with the family.  The key is not how much you spend, it’s selecting a few key pieces that you splurge on and then accessorizing with some budget color and bling!
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