September 22, 2016

Cold Season Must-Haves from

I can already feel the chill in the air... Since the month started to end in "ber" everyone knows it is the signal of the cold season. Though it doesn't get super cold nor snow here in my country, when the year hits the last quarter the temperature still drops low. And I am not a person who can tolerate super cold weather that easy.
When this happens I turn to wearing clothes that will keep me warm all day and all night long. My go to apparel for the cold season is either doing layers, I still wear my chiffon tops and just throw in a faux leather jacket or a cardigan over them. I wear less dresses and skirts too.
We don't have an autumn season back here (but I wish we do, I heard it's super pretty) but we still needs some layering to do. It's one way to keep the chill at bay and still look like fash, right? So I went on a online window shopping spree to check out stuff I can steal to get ready for the cold season.
Check out these lovely items I scoured from, went straight to my wish list btw!

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