September 5, 2016

Pumped Up Kicks with Laces Out

To be honest, I never really liked wearing sneakers, apart from physical education classes and when I’m not so lazy to run. This is because I am petite and most of the time I wear heels or wedges and also I’m not the sporty type. But when kicks became a fashion trend and that it looks nice in a lot of outfits and are very comfortable, I decided to give it a try.


Although I must say, I don’t own that many sneakers, unlike other people who collects them and always wearing them. But if I have the chance and I’m feel like going too casual, sneakers are my go-to footwear. And who would have thought I would love wearing them. 

I’ve seen and know people who are so addicted with sneakers that they are even very particular with caring for them and also when it comes to the shoelaces that come with their kicks. There are those who change their shoelaces to different colors to match their outfits and they do lots of different kinds of tying the laces. 

I stumbled upon this site one time I was surfing the net that demonstrated shoelace styles and I was surprised that there a bunch of ways that you can tie your shoe laces. LOL! It got me like, “well, I didn’t know that!” 

And do you guys know that the edges of the shoelaces are called “aglets”? The aglets keep the twine from unraveling and also makes it easier to hold the lace and feed it through the eyelets of your shoes. Nice to know right? 

Also, shoelaces can be flat, round, thin or wide. Some shoelaces might look good on some footwear and some won’t, so you got to pick the ones the will pump up your kicks. Whether you want to buy shoelaces that are flat or oval, Laces Out has the styles, shapes and colors that are perfect for your style.

You can check out Laces Out today for your footwear that’s begging for some additional awesomeness. Tons of stylish and durable shoelaces are offered at their site which is very to navigate, so go ahead and visit them now. 

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