September 25, 2016

Manila Creamery- Gelato made the Manila way

They say you can't buy happiness, but they also say you can buy ice cream and it is basically the same thing. But what if the ice cream is gelato? Then happiness is more like nirvana. Yasss? Earlier this week I was invited to try some of MNL Creamery's gelato flavors at the Cinema floor of U.P. Town Center. It was gloomy that night and rained so hard, but who can say no to a gelato taste fest and a trip to the ninth fold of heaven?

Manila Creamery is the only Filipino Inspired Gelato Company. Most of the stores that offer gelato in the metro strive to achieve the authentic Italian gelato flavors but MNL Creamery is a unique brand but still aims to achieve the goodness and quality of the real-deal gelato.

MNL Creamery is a company brought into existence by gelato specialists: Jason Go and Paolo Reyes who studied in respected gelato schools in Italy. The establishment makes use of their time-tested techniques as well as their creativity in crafting modern Italian gelato for Filipinos to enjoy and experience. It is a company centered in producing delicious hand crafted artisanal gelato using only fresh and high quality ingredients. Most of their ingredients are sourced from producers abroad who "produce" them in high quality and some are also home-made from scratch.

As of this writing the brand only has a pop up booth since their flagship store is still in the construction stage. We sampled everything that was available that night and then we decided for which we want to have a huge scoop of. 

Being the crazy bunch that we are, while having our gelato party, we even had the time to incorporate hugot lines while doing the gelato tasting thing. "You got to try every one of them, before you pick the one. This does not apply to love though, only for gelatos..." Well, I was indecisive that night so I chose two flavors: Blueberry Cheesecake and Ube Langka.

Here are the flavors that we got to try: 

Blueberry Cheesecake - cheesecake gelato with blueberry jam and graham dust. This is my top 1 among all the gelatos that I tried. Why? because it really tasted like you're eating a blueberry cheesecake and not some artificially flavored ice cream. The gelato base was creamy, smooth and felt like eating just like the real thing. The graham dusts definitely put a lot of texture in the gelato.

Davao Chocolate - Davao dark chocolate gelato. I am not a big fan of dark chocolate since I like my chocolate sweet just like milk chocolate. But if it's dark chocolate from Davao, I have no problem about that. It's because I love brands who also patronizes other locally grown brands because it empowers the local industries. But of course I have to give this gelato flavor a thumbs up since it really captured the just-right bittersweet taste of the dark chocolate. 

Go Mango Go - Mango gelato with white chocolate covered poprocks. This gelato is Pokemon inspired. It has the excitement added because of the poprocks, same feeling that you get when you bite on them rocks when you catch a pokemon! The mango gelato base is really good and captured the real goodness of mangoes. 

Mangga and Suman - sticky rice gelato with mangoes and Visayan latik. Most of us really liked this very unique gelato flavor. I mean, mango and suman? Come on who doesn't love that? It's a very nostalgic flavor if you ask me. There were real glutinous rice in it and the Visayan latik was awesome, it was used as topping. Just like the goodness of our old-school favorite only in gelato form. 

Ube Halaya - purple yam jam that fully reminded me of my favorite Filipino dessert. This tasted like my all time favorite purple yam jam from Good Shepherds. You can even taste and feel some clustered ube in it which gave this gelato a nice texture.

Ube Langka - langka gelato with ube halaya. This is my second favorite; I like that the base is more on the jackfruit flavor rather than the purple yam jam which is the usual case for some ice creams in this flavor. The jackfruit flavor is pretty bold with the hints of the goodness of the ube. This really is in my favorite alley.

Truffle Mascarpone - Mascarpone gelato with white truffle and Himalayan pink salt. Another unique flavor from MNL creamery. This is more of the international flavor because it uses Italian cream cheese, truffles and Himalayan pink salt. And when I say truffles, I am talking about the mushroom. And you can really taste a hint of the truffles and the pink salt. 

Kinder Bueno - hazelnut gelato with milk chocolate. This gelato flavor definitely captured the goodness of a classic chocolate treat by Italian confectionery maker Ferrero. It was creamy and fluffy; definitely sends you back to your childhood. 

It was a fun night thanks to Aldous for organizing this event and to MNL Creamery brainchildren Jason Go and  Paolo Reyes for giving us the chance to experience the goodness of their gelatos.

Cinema Level, 249, UP Town Center 
Katipunan Ave, Quezon City, Philippines
Contact No: 0917-5997963

For more information, complete menu and restaurant reviews, check out their Zomato profile: 
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