September 7, 2016

Pastel Proms with

I enjoy themed events because I believe it’s what makes a party or a gathering unique and memorable. A themed party creates a different atmosphere and will definitely get guests to be excited and interested to attend. Themed events doesn’t have to be just for weddings and birthdays; school gatherings like prom and homecoming could also need some sprucing up and acquire a theme that will engage students and alumni.

Although I haven’t got to attend any themed prom event, because it is not too much of a big deal here in my country, but if ever I can go back in time, I would love to have a Garden Party Themed Prom. I have tons of ideas flooding my mind right now on how to style and conceptualize the entire event. 

As with the attires of guests, I would suggest ala Gossip Girl men’s fashion for the men, khakis, pastel shirts and brogues that will make them look dapper. And striking dresses for the women which will make them look fresh and blooming. The dresses should mimic the beautiful colors of the flowers in any well-taken-care-of garden.

I only got to attend junior and senior year prom, and I want to be honest when I say, I would burn all the photos of me during those prom because I was wearing outfits that were not very well thought of. How I wish there were more stylish stores like today who sell beautiful prom and homecoming dresses back then.

Unlike before, girls nowadays are lucky because they have a lot of choices and venues where to get their outfits for their prom. Like the long sexy prom dresses at that specializes in prom and special occasion dresses that may help girls out there who are looking for “that” dress for her prom.

And guess what, they have these pretty pastel-colored homecoming dresses that would look great in a garden party themed homecoming event. Aren’t they all gorgeous or what?? I would love to wear one of those, seriously! Find more of these dresses at Ddaydress.

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