September 9, 2016

Get Ready for the Cold Season with Stylewe

*Sigh*… How time flies so fast… It seemed like yesterday we were all just celebrating the start of the new year, then there was valentine, then graduation, then summer, and who would have known, the year is about to end again in a few months. A few weeks from now, it’s already the “ber” months and that signals the Holidays and the of course the cold season. But before we get too excited, let’s not forget about Fall or Autumn.

Fall or Autumn may be short, but it is as equally beautiful as all the other seasons. Especially when the leaves turn to bright reds and oranges and they start to fall off from the branches of the trees in preparation for the winter season. Unfortunately, here in my country we only experience 2 seasons, rainy and dry season. But when it rains, it tends to get pretty cold too and the cold wind coming from the north during October to December also gives us Filipinos a taste of the winter weather. So we still have a reason to get into the bandwagon of wearing layers, coats, sweaters and jackets.

As much as possible we girls still want to look great and fashionable even if we get too lazy to move an inch when it’s cold; that’s why we always make a point to choose clothes that are equally stylish too. Shopping for fall and winter clothes when it starts to get chilly may send us all over our budgets. So as early as now,  let’s stock up on clothing items that will keep as warm and snug as we brace through the cold fall & winter days ahead of us.

Runways and fashion stores are now starting to fill with cold-weather apparel from various Fashion designers; but looking hip and trendy during the cold weather need not break our bank accounts. You just need to know where to look for quality and fashionable coats for your chilly weather #ootd needs. StyleWe is here to help you lovely ladies to stock up on your fall/winter wardrobe needs while you enjoy massive savings.

Layering is essential when temperature starts to drop to keep our bodies warm; check out the pretty blouses below that you can wear under your favorite jackets, blazers and sweaters. Which will still leave fashionable even when it’s time to take off your coat when you step into a room that’s heated. Prepping for Fall and Winter never looked this good! You can check out the entire coat collection here: Oh btw, you can also find them on Twitter:

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  1. Great! I always wear casual long sleeve coat to the office during the winter season. So the fabric of It’s should be very attractive and formal blend.


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