October 14, 2016

4 Nutrition Trends Blowing Up This Year And Their Benefits

If there is one things humans love it's their quest to find the perfect diet when they're trying to improve their health. Although new trends aren't particularly better than a normal balanced diet, they can sometimes be easier to stick to long term. Whether it's the diet itself or psychology at play, a lot of people will still end up with overall positive results. Here is the list of trending diets at the moment, which includes the positives and negatives of each one.

Raw Vegan Diet
Raw vegan diets have been around for a while. Moreover, we have platforms like YouTube to thank for it’s recent increase in popularity. As long as you work hard to ensure you're hitting all your micro and macronutrient requirements, it would be easy to thrive on a raw vegan diet and your body would have more than enough energy due to all the carbs you'd be eating. Unfortunately, the diet isn't necessarily more healthy than a normal vegan diet, yet it's a hundred times more restrictive. You'll also need to supplement the vitamin B-12, and it will be harder to meet your protein requirements without eating cooked food.

Something-Free Diet
How many people do you know who are suddenly taking an interest in their diet? It's on the rise and it's based on more than aesthetics. We've been bombarded with so much information we're beginning to work out by ourselves the foods our bodies can't handle. Trending gluten-free diet is probably the most popular of the bunch. The full extinct of gluten consumption and its influence on our bodies is yet to be discovered. Moreover, weight losing benefits of gluten-free diet are still in range of assumptions, but there are scientific evidences that problems such as severe allergies and lethargy are caused by gluten. A lactose-free diet comes in close behind, which makes sense considering a percentage of the population that is lactose intolerant. Those with IBS are cutting out suspect foods, but on a deeper level people are eliminating the foods that hurt them negatively in some way.

Souping Diet
Everyone has heard of juicing by now, but there was always one glaringly obvious problem. Even though the majority of people partaking in the diet thought they were detoxing their bodies, there weren't getting the benefits of fiber due to the way their food was prepared. Now souping is slowly morphing into what juicing once was, except this time people will be consuming more whole fruits and vegetables full of fiber and other nutritious goodies. All the vitamins and minerals will do wonders for your body, although a diet containing less chunky soups could leave you hungry as they're not really satiating.

Soylent Diet
We should have known this was coming after watching The Matrix. They designed a meal replacement powder capable of giving your body everything it needs to thrive. It's catching on quickly with those in positions where they work so much they don't have time to eat, but it's eventually going to be tested out by everyone who hears about it. They have even designed meal bars because the lack of chewing could cause damage in the long term. It's becoming more well-known because it’s recently received twenty-million dollars in funding, but once their marketing budget disappears the popularity might too.

Should You Buy Into The Trends?
There is actually nothing wrong with your average healthy diet, so instead of looking for a quick fix you could aim to slowly tidy up your diet. Once you make a lifestyle change it shouldn't just last until you lose weight or feel more energized. It has to be something sustainable to help those positive changes stick around for the rest of your life, so don't jump on the latest nutrition trend if it's only going to force you back into your old eating habits a few months down the line.

Guest Post by: Heather Green 

Heather Green is a nutritionist and personal trainer based in Southern California. Originally from Idaho, she traveled West for college where she furthered her love for sports and explored new hobbies like surfing and painting. When she is not working, Heather enjoys being outdoors and spending time with friends and family. 

Thanks alot for this article Heather!

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