October 2, 2016

The Sunday Currently: Vol. 1

I woke up this Sunday morning at around 5:00 am with a bad case of allergic rhinitis. I tried going back to sleep but I keep sneezing like every 1 minute; so I decided to just get up and pop an anti-histamine. I have nothing to do and don't have anything planned out for today. I made coffee for myself, opened my PC, browsed through my emails and social media, finished a sponsored blog post and then nothing to do again.

Then I started reading other blogs that I follow. I don't get to do that anymore so that's what I did to pass time until I think of something to do with my precious weekend. That's when I came across this blogger who writes something that is called "The Sunday Currently" or TSC. TSC was started by blogger siddathornton  to celebrate the little moments of our lives that we never want to forget and then the rest is history. 

So why did I decide to this thing called TSC? Well, I just realized that my blog is starting to lose some personal touch to it, because I mostly publish sponsored post nowadays. I did not have the opportunity to do a lot of travelling this year and my work schedule won't permit me to attend as much foodie meet-ups or blog events as I want to or as I used to. I feel like my blog is starting to become boring to read, even  myself, I find it uninteresting and impersonal. So this is my solution to somewhat fix that. 

Well, I hope I can keep this TSC up. Sorry for the long intro... so here's my "CURRENTLY":

TBH I havent got the time to get back at reading my recent paperback purchases. But I am doing my best to get back at it one of these days. Anywaaayyy I am mostly reading articles from Thought Catalog and Love Catalog nowadays. I don't know... a lot of articles from those sites hits home. Most of the articles there are some of the stuff that runs thru my mind or things that I want to write and say (out loud or not).

This first TSC entry while on a train ride on the way to Manila China Town/Divisoria. I really have planned to go there any weekend this October, but I thought I had nothing to do today so might as well go... 

"I Dont Want To Wait" by Paula Cole. Heck yeah! 90s music at its finest! I grew up in the 90s and I freakin love this song. It has been on my playlist since I downloaded it a few weeks ago. I decided to download it when one time at work, I just hummed the bridge and out of nowhere me and my officemates suddenly belted out in chorus, exchanging lines of the song. Got us all super nostalgic... Not only that the melody is great, so is the lyrics too. I think it's about a soldier of WWII experiencing PTSD and the struggles he went thru and so are the people around him.

Hmmmm... I have been thinking about him a lot recently and I mean a lot... But I have been thinking about him since I met him so nothing really new about that... He occupies my mind most of the time... ;-)

Nothing... my nose is still stuffed, wonder when will the anti-histamine will kick in...

That the days would pass so fast and it will be October 20 already. I am off to an out-of-the-country holiday and I can't wait to fly! Gosh... fast forward please..
That I would be able to buy a lot of things with my 1000 pesos budget for today at Manila China Town/Divisoria (biggest flea/wholesale market in the Philippines)... Well I ended up with an over budget of 100 bucks and wasn't able to buy an item in list but got me some basic stuff that I need inmahlife.

A shirt, a worn and cut out denim shorts and my literally dirty Keds canvass sneakers. Going to China Town requires a lot of walking so comfy clothes and footwear is a must!

The powder brush that I scored for only 100 bucks! The bristles are so soft and dense... I feel like I hit the jackpot with this incredible purchase.

To eat something good for dinner, buuuut I need to lose the pounds I gained after eating uncontrollably these past few weeks since I went on the morning shift. Gosh, I dunno why working in the morning makes me hungry all the time... 

Him... I miss talking to him... so I'll just do some chat back-reading until then... #EmoMoment

Sleepy, I think the anti-histamine is now at its peak. Well I also got up super early today, maybe that's why... too...

"Publish" on blogger.com for my first ever The Sunday Currently post.

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