October 10, 2016

Awaken the Child In You with Morelli’s Gelato at Shangri-La Mall

If you're craving for premium sundaes and freshly made gelato, then Morelli's should be your got to place as they are primed and ready to share a truly indulgent experience with you that will keep you coming back for more. At Morelli's, you can pick and choose a sundae that best suits your taste preferences from their wide array of choices.


For those who love an opulent chocolate fix, the Morelli's Bacio Sundae is tailor made for you: imagine chocolate, hazelnut, & soft vanilla gelato adorned with chocolate truffle, Piedmonte hazelnuts, Magnum chocolate swirls, and hazelnut sauce in a chocolate cup topped with fresh whipped cream! For coffee aficionados, you can't miss out on their Almond Amaretto Sundae with Kilimanjaro coffee gelato, Venezuelan chocolate gelato, and soft vanilla gelato with a shot of amaretto coffee liqueur — it's a dessert and nightcap in one!

For the kids and kids at heart, it's a toss-up between their classic Banana Split made from Morelli's Vanilla gelato with fresh bananas, raspberry syrup, and whipped cream or the Spaghetti Ice sundae, gelato served 'spaghetti' style with your choice of topping and whipped cream. If you're interested in getting just a scoop to try Morelli's out, their expert pick is their best-selling premium Pistachio gelato with Pistachio nuts sourced from Bronte, a small village perched on the side of Mount Etna in Sicily.

Aside from their scrumptious gelato treats, they also serve artisanal coffees that will invigorate you and soothe your senses at the same time. Their classic Morelli's Cappuccino is made with their very own 100% Arabica Family blend. Morelli's also allows you to pair their signature coffee and their premium gelatos in one delightful pairing with their Caramello and Soft Vanilla Affogato. Caramello combines their bestselling cappuccino with caramel 'Nice de leche' gelato while their Soft Vanilla Affogato is an espresso served with a swirl of their signature soft vanilla gelato. 

With a sensational range of sundaes, coffee, let your inner child lead you to an enriching experience as Morelli's celebrates the sweet taste of bliss! Because at Morelli's, we major in unforgettable dessert experiences!

Morelli's Gelato was founded by Giueseppe Morelli in 1907 when he began selling homemade gelato from the back of his bicycle around the English seaside resort of Broadstairs. Since opening their first ice cream caffe there, Morelli's has expanded both locally and internationally, boasting a number of stores available in exclusive locations worldwide such as Cafe de Paris, Monte Carlo, and the Dubai Mall. Morelli's Gelato is a high quality premium product, made fresh daily on site in all their Gelateria Caffes. Global Restaurant Concepts Inc., a Filipino -owned company, brought this iconic, world famous brand to the country to the overwhelming delight of the Filipino populace. 

Last Thursday I got invited to celebrate Morelli's anniversary at Shangri-La Plaza Mall and we were treated with a gelato party! We got to try all the flavors, their sundaes and drinks. Everything was so good! Morelli's gelatos tasted like the real thing because they use no artificial flavorings, if it's the pistachio, you can really taste the authentic flavor of the pistachio. My top 3 favorites were: Dulce de leche, Pistachio and Fruits of the Forest with yogurt. 

We also got to pick a sundae and a drink, but Bettina, Princess and I shared each other's sundaes and drinks too so we can them all. Here's what we ordered:

Bailey's - this is my order and it contains hazelnut and sot vanilla gelato topped with chocolate sauce, fresh whipped cream and a a single shot of bailey's liqueur in a chocolate cup. I love the contrast of sweetness and the little bitterness after the Baileys was poured onto the gelato. I actually love this because Baileys is one of my favorite alcoholic drink besides Jameson whiskey.

Morelli's Baccio - This is Bettina's order and it contains chocolate, hazelnut and soft vanilla gelato served with chocolate truffle, Piedmonte hazelnuts, swirls of magnum chocolate and hazel nut sauce in a chocolate cup and fresh whipped cream. FYI Baccio means "kiss". I like the great texture that it has because of the whole hazelnuts that are sprinkled on top of this sundae. Too much goodness in one sundae glass if you ask me.

Strawberry Sundae - Cess' order which contains vanilla and strawberry gelato served with strawberry sauce, fresh strawberries and fresh whipped cream. This reminds me of summer for aome reason. The vanilla gelato softened the sourness of the strawberry and I looveee the fresh strawberries too!

Amore Cup - Primo Amore: Hazelnut, chocolate and soft vanilla gelato served with chocolate sprinkles, Piedmonte hazelnuts, a chocolate flake and fresh whipped cream. The Secondo Amore contains Berry sorbet, strawberry and soft vanilla gelato served with strawberries dipped in chocolate, a spring of redcurrant, baby meringues and fresh whipped cream.

Extra Thick Shakes - - since my favorite of all the gelatos is Caramel Dulce de leche, I ordered it in milkshake. This is made of 2 big scoops of gelato, milk and whipped cream. Their milkshake is placed in a super huge glass. Yum! This is to die for!

Double Espresso - ristretto with huge amount of whipped cream. Why not have have singles when you can have double? Just dont blame them if would be hyper or awake for the rest of the day. Cess asked for a whole glass of whipped cream because she loves it too much!

Hot Chocolate -  topped with fresh whipped cream or marshmallow. Bettina went for the marshmallows I think because we had too much whipped cream already haha!

Thank you Morelli's, Sir Bob, Frances and Denise for inviting us on your anniversary and making us feel like kids again!

Shangri-La Mall
Unit 2337, Mid-level %, East Wing Shangri-La Mall, Mandaluyong City
Telephone: 654-4062
Operating Hours: Everyday (11:00am - 10:00pm)
R-1 Power Plant Mall, Rockwell, Makati City
Telephone: 654-4062
Operating Hours: Weekdays (11:00am - 9:00pm) and 
Saturdays & Sundays (10:00am - 9:00pm)

For more information, complete menu and restaurant reviews, check out their Zomato profile: 
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