October 11, 2016

Secrets To Having A Perfectly Tanned Skin All Year Long

As summer gradually morphs into fall, the warm temperatures and bright sunny days give way to shorter days and autumnal foliage. Indeed, while fall is definitely worth celebrating on its own, it's undeniably a less tan-friendly period than its preceding season. If you're interested in preserving the natural tan you worked so hard to obtain during summertime, consider some time-tested strategies that will be your allies when it comes to retaining the golden bronze color all throughout the year.

Moisturize as much as possible 
A good moisturizer will keep the skin extra hydrated, which prevents dryness from setting in. Once this occurs, peeling is much more likely to happen, and that could spell the end of your tan. Moisturize multiple times per day in order to prevent this, and try to find creams that stimulate the production of melanin, a pigment that gives off a darker color the more it is present in your skin.

Gently exfoliate
Exfoliation may seem counter-intuitive when it comes to preserving your tan, but the dead cells that inevitable pile up on top of your skin actually make it look duller and less shiny. Still, caution is advised, as exfoliating too vigorously can lead you to accidentally scrub away your tan. Use a dry body brush or an exfoliating shower sponge and avoid exfoliators that contain glycolic and salicylic acids for best results. 

Consider self-tanning
One of the best ways to prolong an already existing tan is by employing professional-grade spray tanning products. These work by covering your body in a variety of tones that are absorbed deep in the skin, thereby enriching your look with an exotic bronze glow. As with any other tanning technique, it's important to ensure that your tan is adequately nourished in order to prolong its lifespan. 

Eat vitamins
Studies have shown that a diet rich in vitamins can help recreate the glow of sun-kissed and healthy skin over time. Common natural sources include carrots, sweet potatoes, avocados and mangoes, but you can also find beta-carotenes and vitamins in the form of dietary supplements at your local herbal pharmacy. 

Drink plenty of water
Everyone knows about the importance of staying hydrated during those sweltering summer months. But, as the weather starts to cool, people tend to drastically curb their water intake. This definitely isn't a good idea if you want your tan to stay vibrant, as water is essential for keeping the nicely tanned cells at the top of your skin alive for a longer period of time. 
Take cool showers
While tan cannot simply be washed away, it is still susceptible to water, with hot water especially tending to dry out the skin and quicken the fading process as a result. In order to prevent that from happening, stick with cool showers and try to avoid baths altogether. Also, avoid using soaps or shower gels with high alkalinity, as this will strip your skin of the essential acidic oils it needs to lock in moisture. And don't forget to apply a good quality moisturizer after you're done washing yourself to help preserve your tan longer. 

Wear white
Finally, keep in mind that the oldest trick in the book when it comes to prolonging your tan is always at your disposal. By simply wearing predominantly white clothing you'll tend to come across as a shade or two lighter than you actually are. This might only be an illusion, but it's one that can pay dividends for months on end as your natural tan gradually fades away. For best results, be sure to pair your white look with some bronzer and a sparkly lip-gloss, a combination that can really help you stand out from the crowd.

In the end, it's worth noting that all of the aforementioned tips are excellent alternatives for hazardous treatments in tanning salons, which have progressively fallen out of favor, probably due to the significant health hazards associated with their use. As always, remember that there are plenty of healthy ways to get a great tan out there, without ever having to expose your body to unnecessary risks in the pursuit of the perfect golden glow. 
Guest Post by: Mila Payton 

Mila Payton is a passionate traveler and nature lover. She enjoys reading and writing about travel, beauty and health. Cooking is another great passion she has, and she is always thrilled to try new ways of experimenting in approach when it comes to meal preparation. 

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