October 17, 2016

The Sunday Currently: Vol. 3

There's a storm looming and it was pretty rainy and cold this morning. I woke up so early but didn't get out of bed until around 9am. I have a lot to do today. For one I need to pack my stuff asap because I won’t have time to do it before my trip then I have to meet my friends later for a meeting to finalize the itinerary for our trip. 

It's actually Monday, but I was not able to finish this last night because I was too sleepy. Anyways....

I started reading this book I bought earlier this year. It's called “The Untold Stories of the Band of Brothers”; it's one the books related to the real Band of Brothers - the soldiers from the 101st Airborne Division paratroopers during the World War II. I'm a big fan of the TV series and have watched it like more than 20 times since its release in 2001. The full 10 episodes are still saved in my PC so I can watch it whenever. I have like 5 books about these guys and still looking for the other books. Too bad that the books are so rare nowadays and they're only available in the States and via Amazon.com. This will be my companion during my flight to and from HK. I'm excited to read it because I can’t ever get enough of these guys. I am HUGE fan of them  like really huge!

Last minute to-do's and must bring 

On today's music player on repeat is Beyonce’s “XO”. I don’t know, the song just gets to me every time. It’s one of my songs for him. Char! Oh by the way, check out John Mayer's version of it, it's equally beautiful!

If I missed anything for my what-to-bring list.

Korean food! Back at Soban K-Town grill again with my college friends. Love this resto! I will post a full review when I get back from my vacay.

That I don’t have work until my flight! But I do and that sucks...

That the incoming storm won’t cause any delay to our flight. That will suck big time if that happens... 

A sweater dress with kicks. It's the sweater weather baby!

My eyelash extensions! Hahaha! I've done it a couple times and I always love it. My eyelashes are already long but I want them thicker or denser, that's why I regularly get extensions. I'm too lazy to put on falsies.

To give in to someone's wishes but fighting not to.

To lose weight... seriously.

Excited and tense at the same time.

The usual: blogger, Facebook, Instagram, Music player and Viber ;-)

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