October 9, 2016

The Sunday Currently: Vol. 2

It's a rainy Sunday and when I opened my eyes this morning I immediately want to sleep again. But it would be such a waste to do nothing on my precious weekend. So yeah I got my ass up from the bed and sat down and closed my eyes again haha!

Now seriously though, I know I need to do something today, like this second entry of my TSC series, man... it's only the second one and I am already not keeping up... ok I won’t do that. So I'll write this is as my day goes along...

Blog posts, articles and reviews about things to do, where to eat, how to's for my upcoming trip to ** & *****. There's so much to do and I have to bookmark everything especially the how-to-get-there ones. I always want go prepared. But you know there's something about getting lost in an unfamiliar place that makes a trip more exciting and memorable. So even though I am planning I am so open to unexpected misturns and misadventures.

This second TSC post, some promo stuff and resto reviews, and the things I need to bring for my trip and other stuff related to that trip. Gosh! It just less than two weeks! I can't wait! I'm so excited!!!

"Closer" by Chainsmokers feat. Ohmygosh this song! Talk about last song syndrome! I wanna dance (even when I'm walking or sitting) every time this plays. Both a chill and dance kinda music. Have you guys seen the lyric video of this song on YouTube? I freakin adore it! The last part was funny though. Go check it out for yourselves!

About what outfits to bring/wear for my trip. Yeah I am that kind of traveler. I plan what I would wear from day to night and from day 1 to day 5. Call me a high-maintenance kind of girl but that's me and I'm not gonna be sorry about it.

The yummy lasagna I am eating for lunch. I am not a big fan of lasagna but today I just had a craving for it, so...
To teleport myself and him to some beach, lay on the sand and do some stargazing... seriously...
That my incentive will be huge hehe, I need more money for my trip.
Super dress down today; shirt and shorts kinda Sunday.

Him still... charot! hahahahahaha!
I want to enroll myself in a dance class. I've been wanting to do it since the beginning of the year but haven't got the time to finally do it. I miss dancing and I'm all rusty already. The last time I danced properly was thousands of years ago... Salsa or Jazz Funk perhaps?
For weekend to slow down a bit (I swear it was Friday just moments ago!), because I still have a lot do that I can't accomplish during weekdays because of my work schedule.
Exhausted after all the errands and walking that I did today.
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