October 31, 2016

The Sunday Currently: Vol. 4

I missed one Sunday for my TSC series... I tried writing my Vol. 4 while on holiday in HK but wasn't able to finish it. So I deleted everything. It was tight sched vacation and we lost one day because of typhoon Haiyan. Our Sunday last week would have been a relaxed day walking around the city but oh well. I ain't complaining because it was so fun especially our trip to Disneyland where we all became kids again!

Ok I did some complaining because we walked all day everyday when we were there. My feet and legs hurt like hell, I wasn't ready for all the walking. But yeah it was a very nice trip with my college friends. Almost a decade in the making but worth every minute of it.


Still reading The Untold Stories of the Band of Brothers” by Marcus Brotherton and I'm halfway through. Thank goodness!

Reviews of the restaurants I recently visited. They're around two weeks over due already. Lol!

"Closer" by Chainsmokers feat. Well, talk about last song syndrome. And the new official video is downright fantastic. It gets to me for some reason I don't why... it just brings all the feels!

About all the blog entries that I need to write and that makes me feel so lazy immediately.

Jollibee spaghetti! I craved for it so I ordered a meal online. ;-P

Hmmmm... wishing I can eat authentic HK streetfood once again! 

To lose weight asap! Hahahaha! Our process party is happening in two weeks and we are required to wear an all white outfit. And white ain't the most flattering or slimming outfit in the world!

In a dress that I wear only when I am home. 

The quietness of the long weekend because there's less to no traffic at all. Almost everyone is out of town and at the cemeteries; most places seem like some ghost towns.

To go back to doing yoga on a regular basis. It's just that most of the time when I get home from work I want to go straight to sleep.

Some hugs (how about add some kisses to that too.. just kidding!)

A bit relaxed since I got to chill out at one of my favorite places in the metro last night. You know you're getting older when you go out on a Sunday night for a few drinks... Anyway, it was such a stressful week since I got back from Hong Kong, so...

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