July 26, 2017

Awesome Tricks for a Bikini Body

Last year, Americans spent more than 13.5 billion dollars on aesthetic procedures. According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS), 58% of the total expenditures went on surgical procedures, while non-surgical procedures accounted for more than 5 billion dollars. Times Magazine columnist Joel Stein points out that more and more people are perceiving those aesthetic procedures as essential, while James C. Grotting, MD, President of ASAPS believes that among other motives, competitiveness in the workforce is a recurring theme. Let’s see what non-invasive body remodeling technologies are available in 2017.

Ultrasound fat loss
As a non-invasive treatment, UltraShape technology uses pulsed ultrasound to target fat selectively (which essentially works like a female fat burner pill). It directs ultrasound energy directly to the fat layer under your skin. The pressure waves create cavities in fat cells, causing their membranes to rupture, while keeping skin cells, nerves and blood vessels intact. UltraShape treatments are comfortable and do not show any visible signs of the procedure. The results can be seen after two weeks, but two to four treatments at two-week intervals are recommended. 

Wrist-friendly technology
One of the hottest holiday gifts for the last few years, fitness trackers and smartwatches continue to be popular in 2017, and not without a reason. Leading brands like Garmin, Apple and Fitbit are raising the stakes, issuing more accurate and reliable models to keep the trend alive. A wearable exercise companion is an excellent way to keep your training sessions in line. The latest models provide heart rate tracking, GPS route tracking, move reminders and many more features.  

Natural fat absorption
Low-level laser technology of Zerona works by emptying fat cells of their content. Zerona stimulates fat cells to become emulsified (liquefied), after which the liquefied fat moves out of the cell through a temporary pore in the cell membrane. The liquefied fat is then naturally absorbed by the lymphatic system. As a result, millions of targeted fat cells reduce their volume, thinning the body in the process. This technology is non-invasive and does not damage fat cells. The treatment sessions last up to 40 minutes for both sides and are completely painless, with no heat or any other sensation. There is no recovery period and you can return to your normal activities immediately after the treatment. 

Using your body alone
No-equipment workouts are becoming increasingly popular. They are relatively easy to learn, and can be modified to suit any ability level. On top of that, they can be done almost anywhere. As an additional perk, body weight exercises are a great way to get fit for free. While push-ups and pull-ups are classic body weight moves, there are many more that target different muscle groups. One of the most effective exercises for the bikini zone is low-belly leg reach. When done correctly, it targets the abdominal and corset muscles. If you are preparing for a beach holiday, definitely check out chair twist, too. 

Fat-cooling technology 
A breakthrough, non-invasive procedure, Cryopolysis uses a controlled cooling technology that permanently kills fat cells without surgery. A special vacuumed applicator lowers the treatment area temperature to -9°C. Fat cells cannot survive at this temperature, so they freeze and die out. This technology targets the fat cells alone, leaving the other tissues unaffected. In the course of a few months after your fat cells are eliminated, your new body contours appear. As with fat-liquefying procedures, fat freezing is a completely natural process, with crystalized cells being processed through the lymphatic system as waste. This method shows its best results after a six to eight weeks period.  

High-intensity interval training (HIIT) helps you burn the calories by shifting between quick bursts of high-intensity exercises and short rest periods. It is applicable in all workout environments from Pilates to CrossFit and boot camp endurance classes. High-profile fitness companies are widely advocating this form of exercise, which only speaks to its effectiveness. If you want to try HIIT workout yourself, start with 20 to 30 minutes of exercises, alternating between 45 seconds of burpees and squats, with 15-second rest periods in between.  

The way to a bikini body doesn’t have to be painful. New non-invasive technologies and exercise techniques can do wonders in burning fat and giving you the desired body shape. The best results are achieved by combining those two. 

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