July 20, 2017

On Finding Focus and Concentration

I must say that as we age we kind of loses our ability to focus, well like me, almost about everything. We do a lot of things to make us remember important stuff, like write down notes on our journals or on our smart phones so we have reminders for our things-to-do etc. 

When I was in college, studying was always a priority whenever we have exams. I would usually lock myself up in a room and study the whole day or night; most of the time without anything except for some good music. I do not know about you, but I can study without eating or having a drink at hand, yet without music I easily lose focus and fall asleep. 

Even when I was studying for board exams, where I need to put a 100% focus on all the reading materials and lessons that I need to take in, music was always my companion. I think everyone has their own unique way on how they keep their focus when studying, working or accomplishing tasks. 

Unfortunately, as I age, I noticed I easily get lost in my mind and lose focus while doing my daily deliverables at work. Not only that I work at night, sometimes I find myself staring onto my workstation's monitor for a long time without absorbing anything that I'm reading or typing. That also always happens right after I have had my lunch; I get sleepy and all.

Though I try my best to always keep my focus because if I do, that's when I usually commit errors at work. My work deals with medical stuff and it is serious business since a mistake could cause monetary impacts to our clients and also might cause health care services not appropriate for patients or they might not get the care that they need. 

There are a lot of ways where we can enhance on how we deal with daily tasks at school at work. We can take supplements to improve focus and concentration  but there are also natural ways like these 8 things: 
1. Feed your brain with healthy food
2. Have some green tea
3. Stay hydrated
4. Take herbal supplements
5. Take your vitamins
6. Exercise
7. Get enough rest
8. Improve your surroundings

Moreover, if you start to notice that losing focus and concentration is becoming constant everyday thing, I also suggest that once in a while, quarterly if you can, take vacations and be with nature. You know, going to the beach or hiking some hills or mountains can definitely reset your whole being. Believe me, I’ve done that so many times and I always get refreshed. 

We may have different priorities and things to accomplish in our current stages in our lives, you might be a student now, a young professional, a home maker or a retiree, yet I strongly believe there is something that needs your full attention. I hope those listed above can help you out.

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