July 28, 2017

Hair Disaster? There's Always A Solution!

I don't think I am vain as a person but as much as I can, I always want to look good and presentable. I love pretty things, I use a lot of products, and I always put make up on and wear nice clothes most of the time. I take care of myself the best I can. A part of my body that I never neglect is my hair.

I subject it to a lot of torture but I most definitely equate that with much needed pampering and care too. The only thing that I haven't done to it is to cut it super short, I have always worn it long, sometimes super long that it goes down as far as the waist level. Recently I've gotten tired of it and decided to change it to a lob also known as long bob and sits just below the shoulder level.

This is the first time for almost 2 decades that my hair is this short. I've pondered so much about it because I am always unsure if short hair would fit my round face. When I had my hair this short I was in fifth grade and a chubby little kid. I didn't like it then, but now even though I'm still chubby I decided to just go for it and DGAF. Besides my hair is already very unhealthy after all the treatment and dyeing. 

I have always thought that if I don't like the cut I can always grow it. Also there are other things I can do if I want long hair again. Say for example I need to attend an event and want to wear long luscious curled hair, I can always use hair extensions or use a curly weave. A lot of people do it so I can too right.

A few weeks ago, we held our monthly town hall and I did the makeup of representative during a contest that celebrates the LGBT community. And yes, our representative is a male and he needed to dress up as a female. To complete the look we used some wigs on him. What we used were synthetic ones so you know they are kind of stiff and really look faux. If only we had hair extensions made of human hair like those Peruvian hair extension clips, it would have been better. Anyway we manage to pull the Lady Gaga-ish look on our representative and he performed well so all is good.

I personally want to own at least one of these human hair extensions for when I want to pull off those long luscious ala Victoria's Secret model locks, I can easily go and just put them on. Well, we will see, maybe one of these days I can add one to my online shopping cart.
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