July 23, 2017

Made for the Cold Weather

It is literally raining so hard right know while I'm writing this blog feature. The sound of pouring rain outside is so loud thank goodness that is blurred by the best of Linkin Park playlist I'm playing on Spotify right now. Not the type of music one should playing on  cold, gloomy, rainy Saturday night, but just reminiscing the hits of one of my favorite rock bands that I grew up with. I bet you heard the news of the band's front man's tragic passing away. 

I admit I don't know each and every song they have under their belt, but I grew up from the generation where they were at their peak and I believe me when I tell you, whenever any of their song plays on the radio, I know it's them and I can definitely sing along. Surprisingly I know most of the lyrics of their songs by heart even though I don't know their titles. Anyhoo, I just had to get that off my chest. I don't want to sound like I'm riding off what had just happened, because TBH, I am a fan until now and what happened was really shocking and saddening. 


I honestly don't like this kind of weather, never was a pluviophile, I'm a self-proclaimed heliophile instead. I don't like the rain, I feel like it's very gloomy and you can't do anything. Like right now, I'm supposed to go out with my officemates for some Saturday night drinks, but since it's raining, I got so lazy and slept the whole day instead. Plus I don't ant to get stuck in traffic because of this rain. And most of all, I hate bringing an umbrella-ela-ela-ela... hahaha sorry, I am still not over that Tom Holland/Spiderman performance at lip Sync Battle!

Also, the cold weather amps up my allergies, my nose is like a barometer, it knows when the weather is changing and it just won't stop getting runny and sneezy. That's why when this kind of weather hits me up like a bus, my go-to clothing are always long sleeve t-shirts and blouses. At work, that is my staple look because not only that it's cold outside and on my way to the office; the AC at work is always at full blast mode all the time. 

I like wearing long sleeves blouses at work because not only that they keep me warm and they look less casual even when paired with jeans. And for dress down days I can just throw in a long sleeves shirt or pull over, paired with jeans and sneakers and I'm all good and ready for the weekend. 

I'm not born for the cold weather, I will probably get sick the first time I will experience snow. Good thing though that I can always layer clothes and shop for womens outerwear to keep me warm and cozy during the rainy season. If I could,  I would bring a blanket at work and wrap myself like a burrito hehe so that I can be warm and work properly. 

So how about your guys? Which season is your favorite and what do you do to keep you warm during this cold months? By the way, you can find the feature items for this post at Fashionmia

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