July 7, 2017

Florals and Career Women

Though summer is officially over in this side of the world, the weather in a tropical place like mine is quite hard to put one's finger on. There times of the day that the sun is scorching hot and then suddenly a rain pour would just happen. Or sometimes it rains hard in the morning then it will get a bit humid at night.

So basically living in the tropics it is best to wear something comfy or something that you can layer when the temperature drops. I mean, for example, for a career woman like me, who go on commute everyday and then comes  to work where the AC is on full blast, it is just ideal to wear plain or printed casual dresses and then put on a blazer over it.

Or there are days when I don't want to dress up and feel like just throwing on work appropriate stylish tops and then use a shawl or layer with a cardigan to keep me comfortable and warm. When I get off work and it is sunny outside I can just take off the cardigan.

I used to stick to basic and plain colored clothing and it is just lately that I experimented on different colors and prints. A style that never goes out of style and will never be are florals. It's preppy and girly plus it also gives people the belief that you gave a good thought of what your outfit will be especially that you have to coordinate your shoes and other accessories with it.

Moreover floral prints can be dressed up or down. Pair a floral casual dress with a pair of strappy heels and you could already look like you are ready for a lovely dinner out. While pairing a nice floral top with jeans and white sneakers and you're ready to go for brunch. Agree? Find all these awesome pieces at Yoins.

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