September 7, 2011

Missing Coron... Barracuda lake

This lake somewhat gives me a sense of eeriness. Stories say that it was named after a barracuda that supposedly resides within its waters. The trek to get there is shorter than Kayangan's, but steeper. Thank God that the second time I visited this place, there were already wooden ladders and they put wooden pathways on the side of the lake (like those at Kayangan's)

The depth of the lake is as tall as the surrounding cliffs, our tour guide told us. There were divers when we arrived, and I don't know if they were just playing with our minds, but they said they saw the barracuda swimming in the deep water. Barracuda lake is one the top diving sites in Coron, btw.

These underwater rock formations are kinda weird-looking, they remind me of Transformer's Megatron, hehehe...:


The lake is very deep but the water is, also, very clear:

very deep!


  1. i wasnt able to visit this during our coron trip, next time!

  2. you should! :) it's more serene than Kayangan and Twin Lagoons. most scuba divers go there :)


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