September 6, 2011

Missing Coron...Best Beaches in Coron: Bulog island

These are my top 3 beaches in Coron

Bulog Island
It was almost a 2-hour boat ride to Bulog and we were getting bored. I kept on asking the tour guide like I was Dory of Finding Nemo: "are we there yet?". She said "It's that island" while pointing to a tiny island. I answered: "ok..." And as we were nearing the island everyone of us gasp from what we saw from afar:

after hours of somewhat endless boat ride.. this is what will greet you...Bulog Island

We were just muttering "Ang ganda.... (Beautiful...)" in awe of what was in front of us. We were  immediately filled with excitement!

The sand bar is the highlight of this island. If it's low tide we can probably cross the other Bulog Islands or maybe by kayak. I tried snorkeling but got too distracted since the current was strong and our boat man had to drag me back to shore :(

View of the sandbar from our cottage, whenever I see this photo I remember the quote: "It's not how many breaths you take, but the moments that take your breath away..." *sigh*:

The sand is super fine and white (Malcapuya's pinkish). I had like a 5-minute time of just playing with the sand. I enjoy doing that with sand this fine (like what I did at Malacapuya and Boracay Station 1).

super fine and white

just like sugar :)

The marine life in Bulog is thriving; what I like most are the giant clams that reside in its waters. (Browse the images below)

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Check out this unusual starfish that we saw, cool huh?:

I think you can also stay overnight at Bulog Island since there is a resthouse on the top of the hill. I just don't know how much. There's also a view deck on the top where you can have a 360-degree view of what is around the island.

After hanging out at the view deck, you can trail down and you'll find a cave that leads to a secluded part of the island, nothing much is there but a small beach and other limestone rock formations. It is passable if it's low tide and you have to crawl your way just to get there.

me running around the limestone rocks

After, you can trek your way around the island and back the main beach by passing through, sort of, sharp limestone rocks. I was amazed by its chalky aqua blue color!

The second time we went to Coron, Bulog was not part of our itinerary. Our host told us that a large company, who owns a resort in Boracay, had bought the Bulog Islands and is constructing a 5-star resort on them. They say that they will build rooms in Bulog and they also plan to construct a pool on where the view deck is. So people won't probably be able to go to Bulog anymore without paying a hefty amount of money. I feel fortunate enough to have visited Bulog before it became off-limits to tourists that are not guests of the future 5-start resort that's being built there.

Coron 2014 Trip:

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  1. Is bulog island 2 hours from Coron port?

    1. hey anonymous, yeah 1 1/2-2 hpurs from Coron port.. but it's worth the travel. Bulog is now named Waling-Waling Island. Im not sure if all the the agents who offer tours can bring you to Waling Waling (Bulog), I suggest you stay at Mommita's Lodge since Mommy Esther personally knows the owner of the island, she is able to bring her guests there. Here's her contact info:
      Mrs. Esther P. Reyes
      mobile no: +639275595981

      [ sorry for the late reply ;-) ]

    2. Greetings from Waling-Waling.
      Thank you for your blog.
      For more details of our Island and its updated rates, visit:
      You can send us your travel details: /
      Or call/text us: 0915-1000000 / 0912-6000000

    3. thank you for visiting my blog :) I would love to go to Waling Waling in Calaguas Island soon!


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