September 6, 2011

Missing Coron... Kayangan Lake

Named as the cleanest lake in the Philippines, Kayangan is one of the top stops in Coron! But make sure you have the strength to trek just to go there! You need to hike quite a few steps up and then quite a few steps down just to reach the lake. But once you reach the lake, all the stress and tiredness will be blown away, yes, you will surely be blown away by it's beauty. 

The water is aqua blue and a mixture of fresh and salt water. The place is peaceful, you can just sit on the wooden paths for hours, or you can opt to snorkel or dive. The lake is very deep but the visibility of limestone formations underwater is terrific!

I liked this place alot! If you're ever wondering where in Coron is that place you always see in photos of your friends who have been there, it's the view from the spot before you trek down to the lake. There's also a cave believed to be the hiding spot of Japanese soldiers during WWII.

most photographed spot in Coron 

Isn't this place just breathtaking?!

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