September 6, 2011

Missing Coron...Siete Pecados and Twin Lagoon

This Coron destination is a group of 7-mini islands, hence the name "siete". Just a few meters away from Coron port, Siete pecados is a protected marine sanctuary with a variety of corals and fishes. Our tour guide told us about one of its legends, she said that there were seven sisters who went swimming against their mother’s wishes, on their way home they're boat sunk and they all drowned and afterwards, seven small islands sprouted from the sea.

The first time we visited this sanctuary, it was almost sunset, so we didn't get to enjoy it that much and the current was also very strong. So the second time around, though I'm always scared to snorkel, I didn't want to miss it; and look what greeted me, schools of fish that are very excited and hungry for the bread that we fed them:

 That's me feeding the fishes :)

Twin Lagoons
At Twin Lagoon you need to swim into a small underwater tunnel to get to the first lagoon. But when it's high tide you can climb the wooden stairs to get to the first lagoon passing through sharp limestone rocks. The second lagoon is separated from the first by limestone cliffs, we were not able to go to the second one.

limestone cliffs lined the alley towards the Twin Lagoon

There is a part of the lagoon where the water seems like it's mixed with oil and gets blurry. Our tour-guide told us that this happens because of the fresh water mixing with salt water. Also there's a spot where the water is cold on one side and the other side is warm, the same explanation earlier applies.

There are a lot of fish and other sea creatures that live in the waters of Twin Lagoon, so it's also great for snorkeling.

Coron 2014 Trip:

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  1. Super enjoyed my vacation to Coron too. Finally saw the iconic scenery in Kayangan! Also try snorkeling in Siete Pecados. Visited the Twin Lagoon and Barracuda Lake.

    1. Coron is paradise! :) thanks for the comment


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