September 7, 2011

Missing Coron... Mount Tapyas

We climbed all the 700+ steps of Mt Tapyas, on our last day of our second trip. We got out of our beds at 5:00 am and reached the view deck, where the cross is, just before the sun rose. It was a breath-taking view. The view from the top of Mt Tapyas is an enlivening panorama of Coron Bay and the neighboring islands.

I often don't get to see the sun rise, so this is one memorable moment for me. But if you'll ask me if I'll climb Mt Tapyas again? Probably not! Lol! I thought I was going to faint halfway through our climb! had to make a several stops just to catch my breath and get some few minutes of rest. I felt so unhealthy, when on our way down, we saw some locals jogging their way up Mt. Tapyas.

few more steps to go... *panting*

sunrise :)

More photos of Mt. Tapyas:
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Coron 2014 Trip:

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