September 7, 2011

Missing Coron... Other Popular Beaches in Coron

Atuwayan Beach
This is where we had our lunch during our first trip to Coron. The sand is brownish but very fine. The water, is as usual, crystalline clear.

There are kayaks the you can rent as the water is quite calm and the beach is in a a cove. Corals and fishes are also bountiful and just a few steps away from the shore.

CYC Beach
Coron Youth Club Beach or CYC beach is one of the nearest islands from Coron Bay. Although the sand is not fair, like most of the beaches in Coron, it is fine. This place is also a snorkeling spot. But when we went there we opted just to chill at the beach until before we go back at Mommita's Lodge. I even made a chocolate drink and just lounge by the beach. Just before we left, we took jumpshot photos and perfected none!(the photos are too funny to post.)

view of Coron Bay from CYC beach

What I didn't like about this beach/island is that there is a part where there's a lot of garbage left by tourists who camped there.. tsk! tsk! tsk! Also, our tour guide told us that the shoreline used to extend far more than it is today, but some evil people quarried and stole the sand during the wee hours of the night when there were only a few coast guards that man the waters of Coron Bay. This was back in the 1980's or 1990's. And guess where they transferred the sand? Some beach in Mindoro/Puerto Galera... great.

-Kabu/Cabo Beach
Located near Maquinit Hot Springs, Kabu or Cabo beach is also an ancestral domain/property of the Tagbanuas. The sand is not so fine and mostly composed of small pieces of corals and pebbles. It's a 30-minute tricycle ride from the town proper. I don't think it's good for swimming but it's very relaxing and you can see the picturesque view of the Coron Bay from afar. This is where we had our lunch during our second trip.

view of Coron Bay from Kabu/Cabo Beach

me at Kabu/Cabo Beach

playing with pebbles

a tourist walking on the shores of  Kabu/Cabo Beach
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