January 15, 2015

Celine Trapeze-Inspired Bag and Echopaul.com Review

I am super duper excited with my new bag! This Celine Trapeze-inspired bag is one of my birthday wish list that I was able to get for myself for my birthday. Unfortunately I was only able to receive it just a few days ago because it was shipped during the holidays and it probably got stuck with the shipping company or the customs or the post office due to influx of cargos and packages being sent to the Philippines. Well, I must admit and say that my country’s postal and customs system unfortunately isn’t the most or even efficient in the world. So if someone from here is expecting a package from abroad it can take a month or two before you can claim it; sad but true story. So yeah it never got to me in time for my birthday or even Christmas.

Ok, let’s get down to business. The first time I saw this bag from fashion bloggers, I immediately fell in love with it. I did my research and I was flabbergasted when I learned that it is a luxury bag made by Celine Paris which cost a heck of ton of money which a common folk like me would not even dream of buying one. But I knew it in my heart that somewhere somebody will make bags inspired by it so I wasn’t that disappointed and true enough I started seeing replicas of it from online stores and other fashion bloggers. I got mine from Echopaul.com, it’s an online store that caters to women’s apparel and accessories including bags. I received a coupon code from Echopaul after hosting a giveaway on my blog sponsored by them. The cost of this bag is more than the amount of the coupon code given to me so I had to shell out some of my own money to cover for the remaining amount, which was fair enough. 

The Style:
I haven’t seen a bag anything like it. It is one of the most unique bag designs I have ever seen and it doesn’t look odd at all. The "side flaps” of the bag that somehow gives you more bag space apparently doesn’t look weird; instead it still looks classy and edgy at the same time. It can be a handbag or a shoulder bag and has a lot of room to put my stuff. The color combination is very basic which means you can pair this bag with almost any outfit.

I also adore  all the details of this bag especially its unique lock/closure. I think that when I am using this bag all my belongings inside will be safe because not only that it has a flap closure, the inside compartment can also be closed by a zipper and the side flaps (or what I like to call its “ears”) can be also be fastened together.


The Quality:
The package came in the usual postal mail packet. Upon opening the bag is placed inside a dust bag and covered outside and filled inside with bubble wrap.


Unlike the other Celine-inspired bag I have received from another online store (which you can read the review here), this one from Echopaul.com is made of synthetic materials. It is made of PU Leather for most parts of the bag and the flap is made of synthetic suede.


The appliqués and hardware (zippers, hooks etc) are also made of good quality. It came with a shoulder strap too, btw. In most cases the lining of the bags that I often see (being sold online, at malls or at bazaars), are usually nylon or plain cloth; but this bag that I got from Echopaul.com, the lining is made of some sort of suede-ish material or felt cloth.


The Service:
I have to include this topic in my review of my purchasing experience with Echopaul.com. I am sorry to say this and I am just being honest, that they don’t have a great, actually not even good, customer service. I am an inquisitive person and before I make any move or decision (and this goes in any aspect of my life) I always ask questions. Even little things such as buying stuff online, I make inquiries to the seller to make sure everything is good and both parties have an understanding before I transact or pay. 

With Echopaul, it takes them a couple of days before they reply to emails and most of the time they answer you with one-liners or phrases and even just the word “ok”. For someone who wants an assurance especially if it involves shelling out money, “ok” won’t suffice. The one who answers Echopaul’s customer service’s emails  is a bit rude and shows impatience. I don’t want to get into details about that; but I haven’t experience such an  unfavorable treatment from other online stores’ customer services where I have purchased before or have collaborated/cooperated with. In all types of businesses, one should know how to talk properly and respectfully with their customers, even potential ones. If Echopaul’s customer service doesn’t improve or change their ways, they will surely lose clients.

I was fortunate that the bag I got from Echopaul is really pretty and of good quality which compensated for the long waiting time for it to be shipped and the unprofessional customer service. They also offer free standard shipping to most parts of the world. All in all, I am still one happy girl because I was able to cross-out one item from my birthday wish list.

This bag comes in other colors and material too, which you can check out here: http://bit.ly/1yzMQrN
To see all the bags collection from Echopaul, here is the link: www.echopaul.com/luggage-bags.html
For all other products like apparel, shoes and accessories, you may visit: www.echopaul.com

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