January 17, 2015

Shades of Blue Prom Dresses

I actually miss being in school, not studying per se which is the hardest part of being a student. But when you start working and you work your butt off to earn a living you will realize how much life was easier when you were still studying and just waiting for your allowance to be given to you. What I miss most about school are the activities and my classmates and professors who you become friends as the years go by.

My favorite time during school year would be during field trips and school fairs because during these times, we get to have a breather from studying and doing home works and projects. I know you thought I would say that my favorite would be the school dance or homecoming or prom. Back in high school, prom wasn’t such a big deal in our school. Gosh thank goodness, I lost all of my photos during my high school prom because I didn’t want the way I look during those times hehehe! Well, my fashion sense back in those days weren’t as fashion forward as I thought it was. 

But nowadays proms are major social events. Girls have their gowns and guys have their tuxes made by top designers. The venues are often posh hotel ballrooms or huge events places. And what’s crazy (I think) is that even proms are covered by the top wedding/events photographers and videographers in the country. Can you believe that even proms have same day edit videos???

This is how people have gotten so serious about proms and not looking your best on one of the highlights of your life being in school would be a major crime. Not to forget that same day edit videos can be shared virally and will be forever lost in the internet space forever and what if you were caught on camera not looking your best, then you’ll have to deal with for the rest of your life! (Ok, I am a bit exaggerating there, but I know you get my point…)

Proms would usually be during February or anytime during the spring. Most high school students, teachers and school staff, are already looking forward to and planning for this event as early as now. So if you’re one of the juniors or seniors who will attend a prom next year, I say you got to start looking for your prom style peg as early as now. Your prom dress, your make up, your accessories and your hairstyle should all go well altogether and to achieve that planning is the key.

Then again if you lack the time to look for a dress couturier, off-the-rack dresses or those that can be bought online would be your perfect option. There are tons of stores that have already launched their Prom Dresses Online that you can check out. Better start browsing for “that” dress that can wow the crowd, as early as now so you can receive it just in time for your high school prom.

MissDressShop can help you with your prom attire needs since they have an array of prom dresses that are always in with the trend and provide quality service. 

Check out their Prom Dresses Collection here: http://www.missdressshop.co.uk/prom-dresses-c-1/ and who knows, the prom dress that may help you bag the Prom Queen title is just a click away.

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