January 8, 2015

Sheinside's Big Sale!

Happy New Year everyone! A new year means new chances and opportunities to better ourselves for the future. The mistakes and downfalls of the past year should now be contained in a box and put at the far end of our memory, but lessons it brought should be carried over to the new year ahead. Have you got any resolutions that you weren't able to achieve last year? Don’t be sad now, accomplishing it this year won’t be that bad and maybe it wasn't meant to be done last year but this year might be the time. 

When it comes to fashion, the new year also encourages us to be done with the old and be in with the new. I haven’t got the time to know what’s going to be the fashion trend next year though. But since winter is almost over, I think as early as now we can already do some spring cleaning. As for me, I already gave away a bag full of clothes that I am not able to use for more than 2 years; it was liberating actually. I finally had the courage to accept that they won’t fit me anymore hehehe. But doing so made a huge space in my newly built closet and you know what it means? I can now shop for new clothes to fill that space up!

What excites me is that my favorite online clothing store Sheinside.com is having a sale which they’re calling High Quality Big Sale. This said sale will run from Jan 5-12, 2015 wherein if you buy 1 item from this collection you can get the next item at 50% off! How cool and money-saving is that?!

Here’s what I’m planning to get (well there’s a great chance I will still have to narrow them down) and that you might also like:

 left to right:
>> Blue Cap Sleeve Crochet Lace Dress (click here for details)
>> Navy Short Sleeve Casual Dress (click here for details
>> Dark Green Long Sleeve Shift Dress (click here for details)

 left to right:
>> Apricot Off The Shoulder Long Sleeve Dress  (click here for details)
>>  White Long Sleeve Contrast Mesh Yoke Crochet Lace Dress (click here for details)
>> White Long Sleeve Hollow Lace Backless Dress (click here for details)

 left to right:
>> Beige Long Sleeve Split Back Sweater (click here for details)
>> White Sleeveless Print V Back Flare Dress (click here for details)
>> Nude Long Sleeve Pleated Back Blouse (click here for details)

 left to right:
>> Blue Deep V Neck Backless Maxi Dress (click here for details)
>> Grey Long Sleeve V Neck Asymmetric Dress (click here for details)
>> Red Strapless Maxi Dress (click here for details)

left to right:
>> Black Halter Backless Flare Dress (click here for details)
>> Wine Red Sleeveless Split Bodycon Dress (click here for details)
>> Black Long Sleeve Zipper Backless Bodycon Dress (click here for details)
Do your apparel shopping now and be ready just in time for spring! Don’t miss out and just click the banner and links below to see all that you can score from this sale!

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