January 3, 2015

Charaptor BBQ Bar & Grill: Unleash The Carnivore In You!

It was my sister's idea that we celebrate her birthday by treating us on a barbecue buffet but we won't be buying the meats and grilling them at home, instead we went all the way to San Antonio Village in Makati to look for this buffet restaurant called Charaptor. I've seen this restaurant popping in my Facebook news feed once in awhile and have been meaning to try it but I haven't got the chance until my sister suggested it.

Charaptor is I think the first of its kind in the Philippines. I have not encountered a barbecue buffet restaurant ever but this one I really got to try. If you're not familiar in the area, Charaptor is kinda hard to locate especially that Makati City have too many one-way streets that if you make a wrong turn you could end up getting lost so the best thing to do is use Google maps or Waze.

photo credit: Zomato.com

The place is big and has a lot of tables at the main dining hall, patio area and second floor. Though the entire place is not air conditioned unlike other indoor grilling restos, each table has a dedicated exhaust tube over each grill that is sure to suck out the smoke.

The rates includes anything that you want to grill, unlimited rice, soup and drinks and some desserts. They have a wide range of meats, seafood, veggies that you can grill. Most are already marinated but in each table grilling sauces are present too, so you can brush your BBQs with them to your heart's content.

fried stuff

They have a variety of dips and sauces as well, you can try everything and find out which one best suits the food item you are grilling. I skipped the rice though and just ate a variety of meats, seafood and veggies. Grilling them was a lot of fun just be sure to quickly replace the cooked ones with the raw so that you wont have a "dead air" while eating.

The buffet rates differ depending on the time of the day and week. Since we went there on a Sunday evening my sister paid PHP 480 per person. Was is worth the price? Well I think so, especially to my family who each has a large appetite.
The best part of the night was when we kept on teasing one another who's table grill the best... and since my culinary-arts-graduate sister belonged to the other table, they grilled better!

I would be likely to go back to Charaptor one of these days and I am looking forward to that!
Here are the rates/schedules:

Charaptor Bar & Grill
9752 Kamagong St cor. Aranga St, 
Bgy. San Antonio, Makati City, Philippines
Tel No: 542-3425
Facebook: www.facebook.com/CharaptorBBQ

For more information and restaurant reviews, check out their Zomato profile:
Charaptor Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato
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