January 28, 2015

Evening Dress: A Must Have in Your Closet

I am pretty much in love with wearing dresses… throughout the year 2014 I have successfully overhauled my collection of dresses from zero to almost half of my closet rack is full of dresses. Although I must admit that I don’t get to use them that often because wearing dresses can be a confidence boost for feeling such a girly-girl but there are times that I get too lazy and just put on jeans and a blouse whenever I go to work, church or do some errands. But at least whenever I need one I know I have something to grab from my cabinet.


What I noticed though is that I don’t own much of when it comes to evening dresses that I could wear if or whenever there’s an event to attend to, like a formal gala or wedding. What I have now are too casual or bordering casual and those that I have worn when I became a bridesmaid and maid-of-honor for two of my friends’ weddings. But I don’t think I can really categorize them as formal evening dresses. So probably it would be best for me that the next time I check out my favorite online stores, I should also check out some of their formal evening dresses and at least score one even if I don’t really have an immediate use for them.


I know it is cumbersome to be a girl because one piece of apparel will never apply for all the needs and occasions. Whenever we girls go shopping for dresses, we always take into consideration where, when and what for are we using a particular dress. We should also be mindful of the length of our dresses especially if we when and where we will use it for; like in a casual party, a wedding, a white tie event, a black tie event, a formal event or  a dinner party. Almost all events have their own dress codes, and it is only proper and respectful to follow what is written in the invitation. Do your research so that you know which dresses are suitable for the event you are attending.


When investing to buy formal evening dress, always consider if it fits your personality, style and body type. You must also take in consideration if you will be able to use it again for other events and if it will make you feel comfortable so that you can enjoy the night away. And lastly be wise in with your budget, it is ok to splurge but not over splurge; moreover don’t be scrimpy as well because you might end up compromising the quality.


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