January 26, 2015

[NEW IN] My Sheinside.com Collective Haul #7

So during the holidays, I went crazy with online shopping because of so many sales and discounts from my fave online stores. Well, it’s kinda my reward for myself and so that I will have a fresh set of clothes for the new year ahead…. (Lol! Crazy reasons to justify my somewhat uncontrollable urge to buy clothes…)

Anyway, if you have been visiting my blog regularly, you might well know that I am a huge fan of Sheinside.com and I mostly get my dresses from this online store. I just love the styles that they release especially those that are from their Pre-Sale Collection; wherein you can buy new arrival clothing items of up to 50% for a certain length of time and then they will go back to their regular prices after the pre-sale period. Sheinside also offer new promotions every week that helps you score discounts; so whenever I see an item on my wish list that is already on sale, there’s a great possibility that I will add it to my shopping cart.

So here are the items from my recent Sheinside.com haul:

Black Long Sleeves Crochet Dress *

I got this dress from the Pre-Sale Collection at half of its regular price. What struck me to get this dress is the type of the dress (which  is a shift dress) and the crocheted long sleeves. The length of the sleeves and the dress itself were quite long for my height so I had to cut them shorter so it will fall in the length that I want them to be. Thankfully, it still retained its overall look. The body of the dress is made of chiffon and has an inner lining too. This dress is great for casual days because it is lightweight and very comfortable. Overall, this is a pretty chic dress and unique dress because of the crocheted sleeves and hem.

Multicolored Drop Gemstone Gold Bead Earrings *

I love these types of earrings, big and colorful ones. I really love the color combination of these earrings. They are kinda big around 2 inches in length and quite heavy but tolerable. The quality is great and no parts were missing. They would really look great in any monotone colored outfit and will be the highlight of anyone’s OOTD. I know I will surely enjoy wearing these lovely earrings.   

Rose Red Long Sleeve Leopard Maxi Dress *

This dress has been in my wish list for quite some time and until it went on sale that I was only able to purchase it. Good thing Sheinside is offering bigger sizes for this dress because I really want to have it. Although based on the reviews on the website this dress run a little small, so I ordered the largest size and I will just alter it if it is too large (I am usually a small or medium). I haven’t got the chance to wear it just yet but I was able to fit it and since I got the largest size there are some areas that are quite loose.  The reviews also say that this maxi dress’ length isn’t long enough and usually fall just above the ankles. But because I am a petite woman, the length of the dress is perfect for me. The hemline is quite uneven but tolerable and not really noticeable especially if some as petite as me would wear it. 


The red rose (or shall I say fuschia pink) color and the leopard print are not the standard ones that we often see around shops and boutique. I find the combination a pretty cool concept and a unique one at that. I haven’t seen anything like it, really. The maxi length and the long sleeves are also perfect in hiding my chubby arms and lower tummy - that’s why I really love this dress lol! It also comes with a solid color slim belt that adds accent to the entire dress. All in all, this is a downright pretty awesome dress!


Gold Hollow Heart Bracelet *

I wasn’t planning to get this bracelet because I am not really a bracelet-kind-of-person (I’m more on cocktail rings and large earrings). But I received a coupon code from Sheinside a few months back and after buying the  White Half Sleeve Floral Crochet Blouse  I still had a few bucks to spend and this is the only thing that I can score with what is left. This bracelet is simple and cute. I just hope it doesn’t tarnish right away. But I am considering of giving it away probably to my sister or one of my friends.

White Half Sleeve Floral Crochet Blouse *

This blouse has long been standing in my wish list and when it went on sale, that’s the only time I was able to move it to my shopping cart. I was able to receive a coupon code from Sheinside that I was able to buy this blouse together with the Gold Hollow Heart Bracelet.


I have a shift dress made of exactly the same cloth/material as this blouse which I really like and is from Sheinside.com also.  Although it is kinda stiff and doesn’t conform to the body. I washed it first and soaked it in fabric conditioner to soften  the fabric a bit, and it did help actually. I love how versatile this blouse is, I can use it at work by pairing it with trousers or skirt or during casual days where I can pair it with jeans or denim shorts.

All in all, I am pretty much satisfied with my recent haul with Sheinside.com. Everything was in superb quality and I am excited to wear or use each and every item. Interested on these items? Just click the descriptions of the products to check more details and if they are still available. Btw, Sheinside is still offering free shipping, so if you love any of these grab them fast before they sold out. 

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