June 20, 2015

Experience the Tahiti Magic

Located in the middle of South Pacific blue vastness, amazing Tahiti, along with its unrealistically beautiful islands belongs to truly heavenly places on the Earth. This magnificent part of the world belongs to French Polynesia which permeates throughout The Tuamotu Archipelago, the Austral Islands, the Gambier Islands, Marquesas Islands, the Society Islands and dozens of stunning coral reefs. 

Although each of over 100 islands carries its special charms, real Tahitian journey can’t be imagined without visit to romantic Bora Bora, magical Moorea Island, and of course, Tahiti, which is the greatest island in French Polynesia. Anyone who wants to experience Tahiti magic to the fullest must try something of this:

1. Walk through vanilla fields
If you’ve ever dreamed about walking across tropic fields wrapped into the sweet scent of vanilla, then neighbouring Tahitian island, known as Taha’a is definitely a place where you can live your dreams. From the moment you come here, you’ll be able to feel unforgettable vanilla fragrance in the air, but for real enjoyment, experience walking through picturesque farms fulfilled with climbing vanilla trees. 


2. Stay in overwater bungalows
Tahiti is unique place where you can sleep right above the breathtaking lagoon, with jaw-dropping sceneries set in front of your bed. While relaxing in overwater bungalow, you can enjoy the sights of colourful fish visible through glass floor or drink cocktail in the middle of blue lagoon with your feet dipped into the crystal clear water. Although overwater bungalows originate from Moorea Island, they are available on most of the islands of French Polynesia. 


3. Try snorkelling and surfing 
If looking for best places to experience little water adventures, visit amazing Coral Gardens on Bora Bora or great snorkelling locations throughout Moorea Island. Tahiti’s, Plage de Toaroto also offers excellent opportunity for snorkelling, while Papanoo Beach presents real surfing paradise. 


4. Visit Fautaua Waterfalls and The Museum of Tahiti and its islands
For adventure in the middle of lush tropical jungle, hiking tour through Fautaua valley is the real deal, especially because you can visit imposing Fautaua Waterfalls, located on 300 meters high cliff or jump into the amazing natural pool bellow. You can also meet extraordinary Polynesian culture, tradition and native art, by visiting The Museum of Tahiti and her islands, which is easily accessible from Tahiti’s capitol, Papeete. 

5. Feel the magic of Tahiti beaches
Light blue sky and sea meet dark sand within the area of Lafayette Beach, which hosts plenty of luxury resorts ideal for family or romantic vacations. If looking for secluded beach nook, go to Venus Point Beach which has divine lighthouse, or enjoy in coastal walks along the Plage de Toaroto. Thanks to its seaside beauties and romantic ambient, Tahiti beaches are perfect for destination weddings, with amazing Tahiti wedding packages chosen by dozens of international couples that come here to exchange their vows, so you can be the next one to knot the tie within exotic Tahiti surrounding.

6. Head for Bora Bora or Moorea Island
Bora Bora is definitely another name for paradisiacal Earth landscapes, since its beaches with fine white sand, purple seawaters and vivid tropical environment leave everyone breathless. While visiting this part of the world, spoil yourself with splendid stay in luxury retreats, swim in pale blue lagoons or simply admire the postcard scenery of heavenly Bora Bora beauties. Add some more magic to your Tahitian walkabout and “jump” to Tahiti’s sister island, Moorea, where you can dive with colourful fish in Lagoonarium, relax at local Temae Beach, or enjoy in spectacular views from Magic Mountain.

Tahiti region is real explosion of marvellous islands which offer exclusive treatments and world’s most stunning sceneries, so wherever you stay, there’s no doubt you’ll reach the piece of paradise.

Guest Post by: Nicole Noël 
Nicole is lifestyle blogger from HighStyleLife. She is passionate about travel and she loves to share her experiences. In her free time she loves to prepare delicious dishes for her friends.

Thanks alot for this article Nicole!

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