June 18, 2015

Those Oh-So Fine Things You Call Bling-Blings

Besides clothes, jewelries have adorned the human body even during the ancient times. Jewelries depict status quo. Our society has an elaborate history when it comes to dealing with them, like for ancient Rome, only those who have military ranks and elite citizens could wear rings. Culture also played a significant role where only women are allowed to wear earrings but now even men are permitted to do so. Jewelries can also be a symbol of bravery for some culture and tribes for example with the use of body piercings. And let’s not to forget the rise of the term “bling-bling” which is an extravagant display of fine jewelries (take note that that is plural) by men and women alike. 

There are a lot of body adornments that can be considered as jewelry such as rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, watches, brooches, tiaras, crowns, anklets, etc. Precious metals combined with gemstones and/or semi-precious stones are what normally used to form them. But since it is an evolving industry and mode of fashion, even seashells, pearls, leathers and sometimes even plants are being used to form jewelries.

Jewelries have become the finishing touches that add glamour or have the power to put together a simple outfit. Adult women have been the most consistent wearers of jewelry and the extravagant ones are especially worn on special occasions. But fashion is one of the most constantly evolving things in our society that even men are now accepted to look as glamorous as women. 

I am not fan of real jewelries because I have a huge tendency to lose or misplace them; also I can’t afford them at the moment so I am currently settling for cheap fashion jewelries. Being the cheapskate that I am, if ever I will have the extra money to buy something authentic, I would only buy myself a set of South Sea pearl earrings and a ring with a Blue Citrine semi-precious stone on it (my birthstone). 

I also have this stigma that if you wear too much real jewelry made of gold and gemstones all the time doesn’t make you look rich but makes you look old and matronly, sorry that that may sound harsh, but it’s just my opinion. So even if they are fancy ones, I would still settle for the simpler and trendy ones. After all, I am more on how it would look than how much it is.

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