June 19, 2015

Ericdress' Mermaid Lace Wedding Dresses – The Knock Out Combo

If you have noticed weddings have become a mainstream event nowadays. Although it is one of the most important moments a person would experience, it wasn’t as extravagant and detailed unlike before. You can ask seasoned couples about their weddings and some would tell you they just married at the city hall and then celebrated the reception in a restaurant; some got married and churches and had a ballroom reception but not close to how detailed, quirky and unique today’s weddings are.
The wedding dresses of the brides back then are just traditional and designs weren’t as exorbitant and intricate. As long as it’s white they are good to go. Unlike now that the wedding dress is a critical part of any wedding. But if you don’t have the budget to splurge on a Michael Cinco, a Vera Wang or a Monique Lhuillier, you always have an option of looking for cheap wedding dresses online or look for a seamstress that can do your gown for you in a much lower prize.

As for the silhouette of you’re the dress, an aspect you should also consider, I really find the mermaid cut very flattering to all body types even for plus-size women because they emphasize the woman’s gorgeous curves. As for the material to use, one can never go wrong with lace, it’s feminine, elegant, soft and sleek. So if you’re getting married soon and still undecided what you want for your gown, why not consider a lace mermaid wedding dress? A knock-out combo don’t you think?

And to complete your wedding apparel, pair it with a beautiful pair of wedding shoes that will surely make you feel like Cinderella while marrying your Prince. Wedding shoes trends of today have no limits, buy something that you think you would feel and look great in, no matter what the design, style or color it is. Do as you please it’s your day anyway!

All the wedding dresses and shoes featured in this blog post can be found at www.ericdress.com. They have a huge collection of cheap wedding dress and even wedding dresses under 200. They have a huge range of wedding shoes there as well.
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  1. Wow, these mermaid wedding gowns are adorable. I am in love with the first one. Please tell me from where I can buy this for my wedding? I have just reserved the wedding venue in Los Angeles and have to do all other arrangements. It was quite helpful post for me!

  2. Some women will choose short small wedding dresses, but not all women like it, a big part of them will choose plus size wedding dresses to shape their slim and tall body size. And the up styles of long lace wedding dresses can be their good choice..


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