June 14, 2015

Madison Reed’s Summer Survival Checklist

No matter what, summer is probably my favorite season of the year. Even though the heat can sometimes be unbearable, I wouldn’t exchange it for rainy days because I have the chance to do a lot of things unlike if it rains and would usually confine me at home. Nothing else comes to my mind when I think about summer but the beach. It is already the start of the rainy season in the Philippines but being a country that lies onto the Tropic belt, summer will always be 365 days a year for us Filipinos. My country is composed of 7,107 islands and you can only imagine how long our coastline is and how many beaches we have in our country.

I was only able to go to the beach once this summer but it was such a memorable trip. Whenever I hit the beach, I make it a point to be always ready and bring all the necessary things that I need for me to have fun under the sun yet still protected and stylish. And yes, I do have a checklist of what I would bring during a trip to beach. But before I spill my summer essentials, let me share with you this infographic from Madison Reed which their version of their Summer Survival Checklist.


First things first, you gotta have at least 2 pairs of your fave swimsuits. Nothing beats the freedom that swimsuits give you when you’re frolicking in the sand. But be sure to choose the ones that flatters your body and hides your flaws. As for me, a bikini top + a high-waist swimsuit bottom are my go-to swimsuit styles.

If you’re kind of shy to walk around the beach just in swimsuit, you can always wear a sundress instead or use it as a cover-up. Always choose a bright and summery color in solids or beautiful prints.


Aside from putting on sunscreen on your face and body, using a wide-brim hat would help you shun harmful rays that can cause skin damage and premature aging especially the skin on your face. They are super stylish too! I am a fan of wide brim hats I have a couple of them in different colors and designs because it instantly adds elegance to any summer or beach outfit.


And if you’re wearing a wide brim hat, the best sunglasses to go with it would be the oversized ones. Why? Because they instantly gives you a chic retro look! Not to mention they give your eyes good cover and protection.

I am very sure that you would wear flip-flops while on the beach and probably would even go barefoot. Show off your feet with pretty toes and get a pedicure a few days before your trip. Gel nail polish would be great choice because it won’t easily chip even if your feet will be soaked for a long time in water.

I use leave-on conditioner on my hair before I hit the water which makes it easier even to finger comb afterwards and even if my hair has been soaked in salt water for hours. I also give my hair a good conditioning every night while taking a before-going-to-bed quick shower even if I’m on vacation. I just buy hair treatments in sachets for easy packing and to ensure it won’t take so much space in my luggage.

I am also guilty of having my hair-dyed a month before I go on a beach trip because I want to change my look for it to complement the summer. BUT I always make sure to give my hair a lot of care before, during and after my beach trip by using conditioners, hair treatments and leave-on conditioner. In case you want a new hair color but doesn't know what would look good on you, you can check out Madison Reed's Hair Dye Selection page to help you choose which color would suit you best.

So there you have some of my summer beach trip must-have and must-do. Care to share what’s yours?
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