June 12, 2015

Super Duck Modern Tea Shop

Besides coffee, I am also an avid tea drinker. But when tea is mixed with milk and other flavors, it’s totally a different story. There was a time when I used to drink milk tea almost every day; I got so addicted to it that I started thinking, are they putting something to these milk teas that I suddenly had so much craving for them? Although I must admit I’ve gotten so bored of all the milk teas I‘ve tasted because they either they taste all the same and that some are too sweet for my liking.

Good thing there are milk tea brands that are innovative enough, with what they have to offer, to stand out from the crowd. Super Duck Modern Tea Shop is one of them. I’ve never heard of this milk tea store until last week probably because their stores are mostly Quezon City-based (D. Tuazon, ABS-CBN The Loop, and SM Cyberwest) and though I live near Ortigas, their AIC Burgundy Building branch is also unfamiliar to me because I rarely go to Robinson’s Galleria anymore. 

You might think Super Duck is a funny name for a milk tea store but I find it fascinating and cute. It’s Chinese translation sometimes means “big brother”. It is an authentic Taiwanese milk tea brand that originated in the Lukang Province in Taiwan and was brought by a group of Filipino-Chinese businessmen. They decided to bring it to the Philippines because of its unique line of tea drinks that uses real fruits and high-quality teas. What I like most, of the concepts behind Super Duck, are their drinks are actually healthy and they are helping the local livelihoods by sourcing some of their fruits locally like in Bacolod

frozen and real: wintermelon, mango puree, passion fruit

They also use cane sugar and not artificial sweeteners like other tea shops. Most of their sinkers are also low in calorie which diet-conscious people will surely love; you can even replace one of your meals with one of their drinks. They even have Longgan tea mixes which are great for pregnant women and elderly people. 

Super Duck gives you the freedom in concocting your own drink but you can also order tried-and-tested tea mixes from their extensive menu listing. You can have your drink either hot or cold, choose your tea base, what fruits and flowers to mix with your drink, if you want more than one sinker, and if you want to have an entire tea bag in your drink, you can do so. You can choose the level of sweetness and if you want regular milk or non-dairy milk. Most of their teas are sourced from Taiwan and they vouched that theirs are of very high-quality. They even have special tea that contains Rose, Lavender and Sakura (cherry blossoms) petals and real mint leaves.

I got to taste test a handful of entries from their menu during their bloggers’ event:

  • Basic black tea - it was aromatic and lovely.
  • Jasmine tea – too strong for my taste but smelled super good
  • Oolong milk tea  with pudding – super yum!
  • Wintermelon with grass jelly – real wintermelon was used for this drink with grass jelly that is very low in calorie
  • Hibiscus tea – loved this citrusy tea
  • Passion fruit with perilla seeds – uses real passion fruit sourced from Bacolod with perilla seeds that contains natural chemicals that decrease swelling and helps in the treatment and prevention of asthma symptoms.
  • Mango green tea with lychee and coco jelly –who can say no to mango plus lychee and coconut??
  • Nai Kai – literally means covered in milk and this is one of Super Duck’s must try drink! Super yummy!
  • Rose Petal with Lemon Tea – with real rose petals, kind of on the citrusy side and absolutely taste great
  • Plain green tea with cane sugar – love the after taste of this and the sweetness is just right.

And who would have thought that tea would taste great with liquor? This is for those who want a kick in their drinks. 2 shots are usually added for their 750cc cups. Just don’t drink it while at work, school or driving LOL!

  • Heineken Green tea – this one tastes really good and not hint of bitterness that we usually get from regular beers!
  • Bailey’s Oolong Milk tea - from all of the drinks at Super Duck, I got to say that this is my favorite! Because when and whenever I drink socially I always go for Bailey’s!
  • Almond Kahlua Milk – the amount of the liquor plus the almond flavor is just right, least of my favorite among the three though.
  • Bacardi Cider juice pop – I didn’t get to try this one.

Super Duck also offers food items. Most of their branches carry vegan food except for their D. Tuazon branch which also serves pizza and meat items. Their pica-pica can be paired with different sauces as well, just ask the staff which would go great with what. Pasta dishes are also vegetarian, btw. 

During the food tasting I was astounded with taste of their veggie food to the real thing especially their cheese dog and calamares, they really taste like cheesedog and squid. I am not a fan of veggie food because most of them taste fake (for lack of better term to describe them), but Super Duck’s is different and I suddenly had a change of heart. By the way, their veggie food is directly sourced from Taiwan that’s why it taste that good.

One might be surprised that the price range of the drinks at Super Duck Modern Tea Shop is the same with other well-known brands even if they use real fruits, high-quality and unique teas, expensive liquors and cane sugar. They also have the biggest cup which is 750cc.

freebies yey!

my take home: Rose Lemon White Tea with Aloe
Check out the real rose petals floating in my drink!
Princess' take home: Sakura Tea Bag Nai-Kai
Check out the sakura tea bag floating under the milk

If you’re a fan of milk tea and tea per se and you’re tired of the ordinary and common milk tea taste, I suggest you try Super Duck Modern Tea Shop because I bet you’ll enjoy it. With their long list of tea and non-tea drinks, every visit would always be a surprise and a time to try something new.

Two of the owners of Super Duck:
Steve and Dennis
Thanks for having us!

us bloggers during the Super Duck Modern Tea Shop tea tasting Event
For franchise inquiries you can call: 5702292; 09178587294; 09437066133 and/or email: superduckphil@gmail.com

Super Duck Modern Tea Shop
Pasig Branch: 
Unit 111 A and B, AIC BURGUNDY Empire Tower, 
Garnet St. cor ADB Ave, Ortigas, Pasig

D. Tuazon Branch:
Unit 1-A TCC CENTER 190 D. Tuazon St. cor. Malaya St. 
Barangay Maharlika, Quezon City, Philippines

ABS-CBN Branch:
The Loop, ABS-CBN Broadcast Center 
Sgt. Esguerra Ave cor. Mother Ignacia St., Quezon City
SM Cyberwest Branch:
2nd flr SM Cyberwest EDSA cor West Ave Quezon City
Contact Nos: 5702292; 09178587294; 09437066133

Facebook: www.facebook.com/SuperDuckTea

For more information and restaurant reviews, check out their Zomato profile:
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