June 30, 2015

Sheer Lace Dress from SheIn.com

I am a big fan of anything lace, sheer and unique dresses. So when I was browsing through Shein.com (which I regularly do) and saw this dress I knew I had to click the “add to wishlist” button right away. The dress is quite pricey actually probably because of the not so usual design and the lace cloth used for it. I have another dress from Shein.com (formerly Sheinside.com) that is very similar to this one and their price is almost of the same range.

So probably after a month or so I was finally able to move it from my wishlist to my cart. Well, thanks for the bonus points I  have accumulated that past month and the coupon code I got from one of Shein.com’s newsletter I got it at a significant discount. So the tip here is to comment, share or rate products at Shein.com to receive bonus points and look after coupon codes on their website and newsletters.

I chose to have it shipped expedited because I don’t want to deal with the customs people at the post office anymore. The processing time though took a week but the shipping was super fast like around 2 days only and the package arrived at my doorstep.

At first, you might think that the dress looks heavy because of a lot of lace and other materials used for it but surprisingly it wasn’t. It looks really really nice just like the photo shown on the website. The fabrics used looks expensive and the tailoring is almost impeccable. 

It was true to size also and fits me like a glove, even the armholes and sleeves were comfortable. The length for me was just perfect especially that I am a petite lady. 

Although some may think that the collar seemed as if it doesn’t fit the whole design of the dress, especially that it is white, it actually does look good overall. It gives it that vintage-y and preppy look.

Although I’m not sure if I can wear it on super casual days because I might look overdressed. I will probably wear it in some non-formal occasion. All in all I am pretty much in love with it, it’s a perfect statement dress. Lace, sheer and blue… what more can I ask for?

This dress comes in two lengths by the way:
 >> Blue Lapel Contrast Sheer Mesh Lace Dress (click here for more details)
>> Blue Lapel Contrast Sheer Mesh Lace Long Dress (click here for more details

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  1. This is absolutely stunning!! I can't believe it's from SheIn. The quality looks amazing too. Great find! I went online to get it but it's sold out :(

    Eleni xo - Bijuleni

    1. It is pretty more in person actually... oh no it is sold out already? I hope you find other similar styles though SheIn has alot of great dresses! Thanks for visiting my blog! :-)

  2. It looks really really nice just like the photo shown on the website.Lily Boutique is an online boutique specializing in cute dresses, lace dresses, bridesmaid dresses, lace dresses, homecoming dresses. Blue Lace Dress

  3. AnonymousJune 16, 2016

    Hi, thanks for the review. Which size did you order? I'm trying to decide between a Medium or Large. I usually wear a US size 6 or 8.

    1. I got the large one... most dresses manufactured in China run a little smaller than usual so


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