June 24, 2015

Wear Your Life Story with Soufeel Charm Bracelet

Who can resist pretty jewelry especially if you're a woman? I would be honest that even if wanted to buy some for myself, I always fought the urge because they are expensive. I just find myself window shopping or browsing online and just adoring them. So you would know how palpable my excitement was when Soufeel.com contacted me to pick out my favorite charms from their website. Then my excitement slowly drifted away realizing that shipping to the Philippines from outside has started to become a burden to Filipino recipients. I was glad that Soufeel assured that I won't have a problem with their shipping method; thus I spent hours browsing through their website to check out their products. 

First off, I have to say that Soulfeel's website is beautiful and elegant, even without looking at their products, you'll already be enticed. Not to mention their regular promos and the idea of free shipping! 

Soufeel was founded in 2011, since then they have delivered the best shopping experience for jewelry lovers all over the world. Soufeel's direct to consumer model allows them to create the most beautiful charms, beads, bracelets and other accessories, and offer them to our customers at ultra-competitive prices – all backed by Soufeel's class leading guarantee and customer service.
Soufeel.com's charms are made from 925 sterling silver, 14K gold or Swarovski elements which can fit Pandora bracelet with the reasonable price. They also offer free shipping worldwide with orders over $50 and 365-day return and exchange guarantee.
So without further ado, here's my new Soufeel charm bracelet

The Luxurious Gift Packing
When I opened the plastic packaging I found a big brown box that says "Soulfeel" on it, then I opened it again and found another box. Right off the bat, I was impressed with the white box with a light blue bow on top with the brand's name stamped on it, which carried the charm bracelet. 

It was made of a hard box covered by a leather-ish material and inside was lined with a felt cloth and there was a padded foam where the bracelet can sit. It also included an equally high-end looking gift bag, which would be very impressive if you're going to give the bracelet as a gift. By the way, each items was placed individually in a zip lock bag.

The 925 Sterling Silver Bracelet
Soufeel offers 4 types of bracelets: classic, bangle, leather and crystal and comes in different wrist sizes that will suits you best. I chose the bangle type and I got the 19cm diameter which is perfect for my wrist size and gave enough room for the charms. The clasp on the bracelet has 'Soufeel' and the brand's logo engraved on it. I was quite ignorant how to opened it at first but found that it was super easy to open and close it afterwards. Kinda reminded me of pokemon balls though but in a cute and pretty way. 

I only chose 4 charms which later on I will tell you why. So here's the charms that I chose and what they represent for me:

New Style Letter J Charm
This is one of the dangle alphabet charms. I chose it obviously because my name starts with the letter J. This vintage looking charm has an teeny-tiny stone on the letter J of course it's not diamond but it definitely gives this simple charm an elegant feel to it.

Blue Built-in Bubble Glass Bead Charm 
Fine bubbles of air shine like crystals in this whimsical bead of lovely clear blue fine quality Italian glass. I chose this charm because it significantly brings back memories of the ocean or the sea. The blue glass is the sea and the bubbles reminds me of the bubbles that one makes when swimming or breathing under the sea and those produced by the whirling waves.

France Eiffel Tower Charm  
I believe in the power of visualization that's why I own a lot of Eiffel Tower stuff. It is my dream to travel to Paris one day and even if I am old and gray I will probably still push for it. And this charm will always remind me of and to work hard for that dream. This charm's engravings are very detailed; in one of its side a tiny logo of Soufeel is etched and you can still read it even if the charm is only around a  quarter of an inch.


Charm "I've Learned What Love Is From Loving You"
This sterling silver heart bead is a unique charm that will give you a new way to tell the meaning of love. The charm shows off its message, as the words "I've Learned What Love Is From Loving You" are stamped in alone with the charm. For me this doesn't connote a romantic meaning but the true essence of Love that I've experienced from God who is love Himself and who gives unconditional love. Adding to that the love I am receiving from my own family and true friends.

Soufeel Topaz Ring Sterling Silver with Natural Gemstone
So, this is the reason why I only chose four charms for my bracelet. While browsing Soufeel's website I found out that they don't only offer charmed bracelets but also high quality earrings, necklaces and rings. The moment I saw this ring my heart skipped a beat. I've seen a similar ring from Pandora before and wished I could have one but when I checked the hefty price I completely forgot about it.

But Soufeel presented itself like a fairy godmother and gave me a chance to finally own something like it. I am super in live with this ring. It fits perfect on both of my ring fingers. The quality is superb and the gemstone is divine! The ring band is just right in size and thickness which really sits pretty in my petite and chubby fingers. And the most special thing about it is that it is my birthstone.

All in all, I am currently crushing on my Soufeel charm bracelet and my Topaz gemstone ring. With the quality of Soufeel's products (far from being and looking cheap at all), the great and friendly customer service, the variety and the affordability of their products, Soulfeel will surely make its competitors a run for their money.
Soufeel charms can fit Pandora bracelets and bangles and offers a best gift selection for holidays or any occasion. They are launching lots of summer new arrivals on their website and you can use this special coupon code Hello5 to enjoy 5% off for any order at www.soufeel.com.

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  1. Wow, so pretty and cute. ^^
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    1. Yes they are.. you can check out www.soufeel.com and use this coupon code HELLO5 to get 5% discount on any order. Thanks dear!

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  3. AnonymousMay 23, 2017

    Hi, How long was the shipment and how was it delivered to you (door2door)? Thanks.


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