September 25, 2015

DAVAO TRAVEL DIARY: Luz Kinilaw and Inihaw Place

Life is full of many first times and we have to be open for these new experiences and events in our lives. On the third week of August 2015, I was able to experience another “first time” in my life – be a solo traveler! I was scared and excited at the same to be honest, but a lot of women have been doing it for years and they have been successful at it. Well, for my first time to be a solo traveler, I went to one of the world’s safest city in the world: Davao City.

I was blessed to be able to fly for free because of the flight voucher I received from Cebu Pacific when our flight from Manila to Cebu was cancelled and we were transferred to another flight. I had only 6 months to use it so I booked it on the third week of August; little did I know those dates were the dates for the Kidayawan Festival in Davao City which I learned only a week before my flight. I got excited with the thought of actually attending a well-known local festival, but unfortunately I was not able to see it up close and personal and only from the hotel’s TV feed. It was very hot that weekend in Davao City, a lot of people were in the place where the street dance was being held and it was kind of traffic around that part of town. So I ended up skipping watching the Kidayawan street dances. But you know that there are festivities going on because my flight was full and there are also many tourists in Davao.

I’m baffled every time people learn that I am alone on that trip when many other tourists have been roaming around the world alone, and Davao City is a major Philippine destination and for sure many solo travelers had gone that route as well. I learned quite a bit from being a first time solo traveler. For one, it’s much more expensive since you need to shoulder all the bills and have no one to split it up with. It was ok though; I’ve prepared and saved up for this trip and have a set budget already. You have lesser photos of yourself in all the places you’ve visited. I didn’t bring a selfie stick with me (I was kinda shy to bring one actually) and I’m not good at taking selfies. Thank God for nice random strangers, hotel and restaurant staff and guards who willingly took photos of me. But it was ok, I was able to appreciate more of the places I visited and focused less on taking photos of myself which I have had so much in my previous trips. This made me appreciate more the places I’ve been to, the food I ate (which was a lot!) and the people I met. I also was carefree with time; I would leave and go back to the hotel whenever I want to. I don’t have to wait for other people and waste time and bargain in deciding where to go and where to eat.

I learned a couple of words from the local dialect too! Travelling solo wasn’t so scary or lonely after all, like others think it would be. I also got to practice independence and courage; I didn’t worry if my itinerary wasn’t followed or if I got lost. But of course to be on the safe side, I always message my family as to where I am currently located or tell the hotel staff where I am going. I would love to do it again actually and go to more unfamiliar places. Well maybe, who knows…

Luz Kinilaw and Inihaw Place
I was never the luxury type of traveller but I surely want to experience being one as well. I have had my "experience" of luxury while in a destination (which I am very thankful to God for) but that isn't always part of my goal. As much as possible I want to experience things that are off the beaten path. That's why most of the time I DIY my vacation. I research for places to go from people who have had first hand experiences. Same goes to places where I can fill up my tummy when it starts to grumble.

I already read from other blogs that Luz Kinilaw and Inihaw Place is a must try when in Davao. But don't expect a fancy restaurant because it is just an eatery. On my first day in Davao I arrived at Be-ing Resort Hotel    around past 10:00am I was lucky enough to check-in asap because there was an available room. After settling in and resting for a bit I asked the front desk to call a cab for me. I rode the cab and asked the driver to drop me at Luz Kinilaw, good thing he happens to know where it is since my internet connection was a mess and the map wouldn't load.

The cab driver dropped me off in this row of establishments along and I immediately saw the signage. Well you can't miss it because of all the smoke coming from grills placed just right outside the eatery. And oh my! I was like in nirvana smelling all those smoke from the seafoods being grilled.

I first checked out the stall for what they have to offer. And to be honest I wanted to order everything! But each piece of the items to be grilled is so huge and can already feed 2-3 people! But what the heck, I can't missed it for the world, so even if I was just eating alone I ordered one tuna panga (jaw), the smallest in the tray and bagaybay (fish eggs).

They are very very reasonably priced as well, I actually think they are cheap. The tuna panga costs depending on its size and/or weight. The bigger ones are priced at PHP 500 and the smaller ones are PHP400. The bagaybay (tuna fish eggs) are fixed at PHP 220. The tuna panga's size is huge! Mine was just the smallest one but it already occupied the entire plate! I don't think you can get a tuna sized like that in that price anywhere else! There are still other offerings that I wanted to try like the sugpo (large shrimp priced at PHP 80 each), squid, Tuna buntot (tail). But that would make me a glutton so I just settled for the best sellers. Didn't get to try the kinilaw (ceviche) though.

A few minutes later my orders were served. Everything was awesome! The items didn't have any seasoning before grilling. It is just the tuna's own flavor and the smoke from the burning charcoal. Even without all the seasoning or dips they both actually taste fantastic! Even their rice serving was a lot Ugh! If we only have something like Luz Kinilaw in Manila...

tuna panga

With regards to the service, I wasn't so keen about it, it is an eatery and people are coming,ordering, leaving by the minutes. The place was jampacked actually. They will give you seasonings, utensils and purified drinking water before your orders get served. I wanted a soda though and I had to ask the waitress 3 times for my soda. Which  did not bothered me at all because I wasn't in a hurry and I understood the place was chaotic because it was lunch time on a Saturday on  Kidayawan Festival weekend.

I was not able to finish my food; probably ate only 1/4 of each so I had them wrapped for take out (which what I ate for dinner). I left Luz Kinilaw and Inihaw Place smelling like grilled tuna and seafood but with a stomach full to the brim and a memorable dining experience. It was worth every peso! So if you happen to be or are planning to visit Davao, believe all the blogs and reviews you have read about Luz Kinilaw and it should be part of your itinerary.

Luz Kinilaw and Inihaw Place
Salmonan Quezon Blvd, Davao City
082-2250660 to 62

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